When someone should put out, but doesnt
That girl was so hot, too bad shes sexorexic.
by Druncle Vin Vin June 21, 2004
Top Definition
a sex-starved state that arises from a coital dry spell. The person in such a state has moved way passed horny and is basically a lifeless husk. (Adjective)

sexorexic: A person in such a state
It's been 3 months since his girlfriend last slept with him. I can tell by the way he's looking at other women that he's got a full blown case of sexorexia
by A. Kanfer January 25, 2007
An eating disorder caused by being too busy having sex to eat
"Sexorexia, I'll have that" -Mandy
by Hungry Hungry Hermy November 13, 2010
A medical condition in which one contiunously participates in sexual acts in order to keep a thin figure
"Why is Courtney such a slut, Sidney? Didn't you know she has sexorexia? How do you think she stays so thin??"
by GiraffeSmokesCrack July 12, 2012
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