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When you are posessed by a pornstar ghost.
"Dude, last weekend I think I had a sexorcism...can't remember anything but these chicks keep telling me all this kinky stuff we did."
by Beeker April 22, 2012
Major orgasm, feeling as if head could spin
Oh my god, sex with Tina last night gave me the ultimate sexorcism!!
by useful idiot December 29, 2004
A religious ceremony created to forever banish sexual activity from human experience. See marriage
He felt the otherworldly power of the sexorcism the moment she said "I do".
by Goat Boy December 30, 2004
n. Relating to the ideology that a demon or evil entity can be removed from the body through a ritual of various acts of rough sex. By this theory .. After one has been possessed, they are only able to extract the demon by literally getting it "fucked" out of them.
Joe: My girlfriend's house is haunted and she's been acting super weird lately...

Bob: So what'd you do?

Joe: I had to perform a sexorcism on her. Fucked the spirit right out of her.
by Alix's Man May 06, 2013
After to a shameful sexual experience, the attempt to expel or attempt to expel an evil sexual encounter from a person, room, or surface. Usually accomplished though, among other things, jokes, drinking or the plan b pill.
Person A: "Damn that girl you brought back last night was a grenade"

Person B: "...you right, I need a fucking sexorcism."
by Jimmy Joe Conner September 28, 2010