A pill in which increases pleasure to the telephone when engaging in phone sex.
Britt was having phone sex with blake cizek at FR
kinky right?
but having taken a sexophone pill she was able to spit out phrases like
"super sizek me blakee!!"
along with various cow and cat noises

thats fucking sexophonic
by Miranda&britt November 07, 2007
Top Definition
A loop of the saxophone solo during Moldova's performance on BBC Three's Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Semi Final 1. Featuring the saxophone player performing a very sexually charged dance while playing his saxophone.
Your band concert got me hornier than when I watched sexophone.
by gfdgdfgtgtg August 06, 2010
That background saxophone solo that you always hear in softcore porn (and late-night HBO/Skinemax).
"Whip out your dicks, it's sexophone time."
by Hoofbites August 02, 2009
A really sexy saxophone.
Me: OMG THERE IT IS. -walks over-

Katttiiieee... Can I see it ^_^...

Katie: See what?

Me: The SEXOPHONE of course.

Katie: Ahh... Ok ;D

-takes out red + gold saxophone-

Me: *jizzes*
by Ruiichan. November 18, 2010
the sound that one makes while performing sex.
Her sexophone is eerie.
by uttam maharjan February 05, 2012
an otherwise unattractive mate who wins your lust through particular vocal, musical, or otherwise aural talents
"Michael isn't that hot. I don't know why girls are so attracted to him."
"Yeah, but have you heard him play the piano? He is such a sexophone."
by Ümlautz December 15, 2009
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