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A vehicle that attracts female attention toward it to the benefit of the male occupant(s).
Man, I bet that dude gets alot of ladies with that ride. It's a real sexmobile.
by EFL September 06, 2007
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To affiliate with someone whom engages in the act of sexual intercourse frequently.
Dude Garrett is such a sexmobile now that he hangs out with Amanda Lunny
by Jut May 03, 2004
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A big white lifted truck located in Glendora and owned by the Murphy family. The Sex Mobile is currently being driven by Cory Murphy, however it was named by Chase Murphy, who is now on his mission trip in South America. The Sex Mobile is irresistible to every woman, and you won't be surprised to see it in the GHS parking lot or in the Glendora Stake Center.
Mormon 1: "Hey how'd you get to seminary today?"
Mormon 2: "Oh, Cory took me in the sex mobile."
by Glenmormon January 05, 2011
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