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1. to have sex with
2. want to fuck
I'd like to be sexing up that hot bitch over there.
by Bud E Love May 07, 2003
22 8
The process of getting ready for sex
Did you hear about that indian guy sexing up that goth/punk chick on that canadian african american guy's couch?
by guywithlargemember February 23, 2005
61 28
1.preparing farm animals after a long day's work
2.A term often used while on a personality test
1.BrightEyes usually gives the milkmaids what they need
2.Joshi:"Did you see that feralweb thing? that made me want to sex up some cows!!"
by Fealiks April 02, 2005
5 5
What we do in the pit o' ye damned forum when we need to pass some time.
Skinkie sexes us up from time to time. We just spray him with a watergun to get him off.
by toenail1 March 31, 2005
10 10