a noun. meaning completly sexy all around...sooo hot
ashley luciano. she is the utmost definition of the word.

ashley luciano is sexilicious
by hot lover September 11, 2006
being very sexually attractive or just a random saying to say when bored.
LYKE OMG!!!! JOHNNY DEPP IS Soooooo sexilicious
OR...omgz, Gaara is teh most sexilicious character on Naruto!!

(if you don't agree, SCREW YOU.)
by randomchickinurcloset September 10, 2007
The singer is so sexilixious
by Sophia July 17, 2003
People like that are super mad awesome hawt, or even a scenario.

A rudimentary adjective used to describe the ultimate hawtness of something's being.
What up sexilicious?
Umm, nm, HI.....*damn, almost worked*
by patty-o-pinchme-youdie January 10, 2005
verb used to describe sexualy able men and/or women
"Woey, Clokey C, Clokey J"
by 4_me_2_kno_and_u_2_find_out October 13, 2003
Something or someone that is as good as/appealing as sex
Damn that guy is sexilicious, just look at his body!
by qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq March 29, 2003
Mags--soooo hot
ohhhh shit! it's sexilicious
by mergs March 27, 2004

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