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When you have sex that you didnt plan on having (like having sex while you're drunk)
*person one calls person two*
person 1: hey sorry i was a bit drunk last night
person 2: oh thats okay. it was just a sexident.
by Natalie and Andria January 07, 2006
An accident that occurs during some type of sex act. For example, skinning one's knee on a car door while having mad passionate car sex.
"I can't believe I had another sexident!"
by Shanda Lear March 21, 2004
An unplanned sexual encounter with your ex.
Dan just came over to get the rest of his stuff and before I knew what was going on a sexident had occurred.
by whiskey_tango_foxtrot June 04, 2013
conjunction of sexy and accident; a sexy accident; an accident done in a sexy manner; an accident leading to sex.
She tripped, fell and landed on his penis. It was later described as a crazy sexident.
by Eric Antony Maldonado April 22, 2007
Noun. An act of sexual intercourse that resulted in a baby that was unintentional.
"Mom, Dad...was I a sexident?"
by TenDeis January 07, 2009
a sexual accident

something bad that occurs during a sexual act
I was giving head to this older at a party and he spooged in my eye! It was a total sexident.
by jdholguin April 18, 2008