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A sexy Mexican
Girl 1: Omg, he is SUCH a Sexican!!!

Girl 2: I know!!! He is so hot! :D
by jmcookiemosnter25 February 14, 2011
A very attractive person of Mexican origin.
Friend A: You didn't tell me your man was so sexy! Is he from Mexico?
Friend B: Yep, I landed a true Sexican this time! Muy delicioso!
by sarakula November 14, 2013
a) A very sexy mexican or part mexican person, usually male
b) A mexican boyfriend or partner
a) "DAMN, that ones a sexican"

b) Lucy: I heard you have a boyfriend!

Mary: Yeah!

Lucy: GAME. is he the mexican one?

Mary: yeah....

Lucy: you got yourself a sexican! <3
by ilovemexican February 09, 2010
A Sexican is a red-hot Latina babe. Lace-top, miniskirt and black stiletto heels are common wear. The real hot ones sport go go boots.. They can also be referred to as a Chula. They wear lots of eye liner and luscious red lipstick.
If you want to see a Sexican lady hot Mexican, check out

"Habanera Big Tank featuring Glow" on YouTube
by bthoryk January 23, 2013
One of an elite group of mainly males that nows how to work teh ladys persay. there are no synonyms but things below a sexican are players and a ladysman
god damn it i wish i was a sexican
by Jerome Magsamen April 23, 2006
A sexican is a person who can leap recliners in a single bound, despite heavy intoxication.
Did you see what the Sexican just did? he just lit the wrong end of his cigarette, silly sex.
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
a can of pop that is just so sexi it makes u wanna reinact a coca-cola advert
' i have an urge for a sexican'
by helen cunnane April 22, 2004