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A sexy Mexican
Girl 1: Omg, he is SUCH a Sexican!!!

Girl 2: I know!!! He is so hot! :D
by jmcookiemosnter25 February 14, 2011
12 5
A very attractive person of Mexican origin.
Friend A: You didn't tell me your man was so sexy! Is he from Mexico?
Friend B: Yep, I landed a true Sexican this time! Muy delicioso!
by sarakula November 14, 2013
1 1
a) A very sexy mexican or part mexican person, usually male
b) A mexican boyfriend or partner
a) "DAMN, that ones a sexican"

b) Lucy: I heard you have a boyfriend!

Mary: Yeah!

Lucy: GAME. is he the mexican one?

Mary: yeah....

Lucy: you got yourself a sexican! <3
by ilovemexican February 09, 2010
3 3
A Sexican is a red-hot Latina babe. Lace-top, miniskirt and black stiletto heels are common wear. The real hot ones sport go go boots.. They can also be referred to as a Chula. They wear lots of eye liner and luscious red lipstick.
If you want to see a Sexican lady hot Mexican, check out

"Habanera Big Tank featuring Glow" on YouTube
by bthoryk January 23, 2013
1 3
One of an elite group of mainly males that nows how to work teh ladys persay. there are no synonyms but things below a sexican are players and a ladysman
god damn it i wish i was a sexican
by Jerome Magsamen April 23, 2006
14 29
A sexican is a person who can leap recliners in a single bound, despite heavy intoxication.
Did you see what the Sexican just did? he just lit the wrong end of his cigarette, silly sex.
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
6 24
a can of pop that is just so sexi it makes u wanna reinact a coca-cola advert
' i have an urge for a sexican'
by helen cunnane April 22, 2004
5 24