A Sexican is a red-hot Latina babe. Lace-top, miniskirt and black stiletto heels are common wear. The real hot ones sport go go boots.. They can also be referred to as a Chula. They wear lots of eye liner and luscious red lipstick.
If you want to see a Sexican lady hot Mexican, check out

"Habanera Big Tank featuring Glow" on YouTube
by bthoryk January 23, 2013
A sexy Mexican.
Jessica: Jesus is Mexican.
Caroline: SEXXXICAN!
by Caroline April 20, 2004
a sexican is a sexy as hell mexican.
Kevin is one hot sexican
by Anonymous February 12, 2003
An ethnic group of extremely attractive Mexicans; usually a member from Pierce the Veil
Girl 1: *sees Sexican walk by* Fuego <3
Girl 2: VIC, JAIME, TONY, AND MIKE ASdfsjibkn;
Girl 1: *sighs* Sexicans are too attractive for earth
by baconlicker December 11, 2013
A sexy Mexican.
Hello, I'm Julio the sexy Mexican stripper. But you can just refer to me as the sexican.
by Bailey_Dawson January 13, 2009
when someone is mexican, cool, and reeeeeeeaaaaaaly sexy.
"hey it's el deano! the mexican"
"wow, he's realy sexy!"
"i know he is blates a sexican ;)"
by deano99 July 01, 2009
An incredibly sexy Mexican person.
Person 1: "Hey, have you seen that kid Justin Gonzalez?"
Person 2: "Yeah, he's a total Sexican."
by muffinblaster3000 June 11, 2010
A sexy Mexican. Michelle Rodriguez is one. So is Salma Hayek.
That girl sure is Sexican!
by Outlaw1978 September 13, 2010

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