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(n) state of exhaustion due to copious amounts of sexual activity.

other spelling:
i can't make it out tonight; i'm sexhausted.
by Lfrey April 25, 2006
67 41
When one has engaged in copulation for so long that they become exhausted. This may be in a few seconds for fat folk, or considerably longer for the Olympians out there
Girl: Can't we go again? Just for 5 more minutes?

Guy: Sorry Baby, I'm sexhausted. Wake me up in a few hours with a bacon sandwich to replenish my strength, then we'll talk.
by gonzo89cb April 02, 2010
38 4
The immediate feeling of fatigue following sex, especially really amazing sex.
"Wow, that was sexhausting. Wanna smoke a cigarette?"

"I was gonna make him a sandwich afterwards but we were both way too sexhausted."
by acantakeheron November 07, 2011
8 1
when you're tired from sex
I just sexed, so now I'm sexhausted.
by dirty_jimmy October 22, 2013
4 0
hittin' the skins til they sore.
Samantha: "I don't know if I can take anymore of this"

Amy: "what's going on, everything OK?"

Samantha: "Yeah, but Dean has been keeping me up all night for the past 4 days. I'm sexhausted!"

Amy: "Don't even try it, you expect me to feel sorry for you? I've got cobwebs down south"
by DDMMTT January 18, 2011
5 4