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adj.-describing ones sexyness and excellence at the same time.
1. The blow job I got from your sister was sexellent.
by chuNk July 18, 2003
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sexellent is a word with no sexual inuendo whatsoever. this is the beauty of it.people tend to think its a dirty word when it is simply a more intense form of exellent...originally derrived from a typo
person one: so how was snowboarding today?
person two: Dude! it was sexellent!!!
by Story Time January 18, 2006
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6 from Battlestar Galactica, played by the model Tricia Helfer. Come on, have you ever seen this lady? Everybody go google her name.
1: Wow, that 6 is truly very hot indeed.
2: Yes, although that Boomer is pretty hot as well.
1:Granted, but 6 is of course the most sexellent person ever. And have you seen the cleavage in that red dress. Damn.
by hoopy July 15, 2006
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being sexy and excellent at the same time
1:I just fucked your mom man
by Robby March 25, 2003
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awsomely sexy; plain out sweet
You guys are not sexellent, i wanted to be the first person to put sexellent on this site.

P.S.: u r sexellent
by Sean September 24, 2003
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Something that is soo amazing, it can only be compared to sex.
Omg Betty these eggs are sexellent.
by riti888 February 28, 2009
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Above and beyond excellent; Can but does not have to involve sexual connotations.
J Lo left me the keys to her house for the weekend and said I could throw a party
by AJ January 20, 2004
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