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1. freedom from care, anxiety, or doubt about your sex supply; well-founded confidence about your sex supply
2. something that secures or makes sex safe; protection such as condoms
3. precautions taken to guard against STIs

1. "I am really happy with my lovers, we love and care for each other and have good sexcurity, I never have to worry about when or how I am going to get sex, I just know I am."

2. "Have you got any sexcurity on you? All my condoms are past their use by date, and I have finally scored so I need some sexcurity!"
by Intensity January 31, 2008
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- people you ask to come to your party specifically to make sure that no one has sex during your party.
I asked Nick to be sexcurity at my party on friday night, but he had work... so of course 2 people ended up having sex in my basement.
by Corinnabell April 19, 2010
Security in one's sexuality.
That man threatens even *my* sexcurity!
by DiscoBoy. May 20, 2010

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