Fred is my sexcopter
"Fred is my sexcopter"
by Porkling July 02, 2004
Top Definition
A sexual position where you lay on your back with the girl penetrated on your chest. You then spin her around like a helicopter. I suppose you can do it in a variety of ways but you get the basic idea.
Here comes the sexcopter!
by Charlie October 20, 2004
Performing the act of copulation while the Male continuously spins his partner around the axis of his penis and makes helicopter (aka. machine gun) noises.
"I prefer peforming a sex-copter over a donkey punch anyday." - anonymous
by Mark Lam February 09, 2004
What you should name your first-born child.
"Hey guys I'm about to be a father, what should I name the child?"
by sexcopter 2 October 15, 2003
A helicopter where Orgies are hosted.
"Hey yo, where should we host our Orgy"

"On the Sexcopter! Duh"
by TLSothe September 17, 2008
1. a very sexy helicopter
2. sex had whilst riding in a helicopter
3. sex had between two very sexy helicopters
4. sex had with a helicopter from anything between a human being and a tree
5. having sex in a way that reminds one of a helicopter
6. having sex and somehow attaining altitude sickness from it
7. a cockblocking helicopter that crashes into your house while you're having sex, possibly with another helicopter
1. that's one pimpin sex-copter
2. i totally sex-copter'ed her
3. did you see that sex-copter go down between those sex-copters
4. yeah, i had a sex-copter back there through the missile tubes on that apache
5. i don't know why, but that felt like a sex-copter back there
6. i got sex-coptered and had to throw up mid-course
by thepumaman November 27, 2011
When a girl spins around on a man's penis like a helicopter as she makes helicopter noises. Most commonly done on Johnny Depp
Girl 1: I just wanna spin around on his dick like a helicopter!

Girl 2: IK!! just like a sexcopter!
by fishindude103 April 07, 2010
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