sexually excited, aroused
hot girls sexcite guys
by niki August 04, 2004
Top Definition
The act of being/getting sexually excited
Adj: Billy is Sexited about Jane.

Verb: Billy is going to get sexcited when he goes to Jane's house
by ninjaxcore November 08, 2003
Excited for sex.
I am so sexcited for that girl!
by Anonymous August 09, 2003
To be so excited about something that you actually get erect or get a boner.
"I'm gonna win 3 iPods off of this site! I'm so sexcited!"

"Dude, you have a boner"
by Arken0493 July 29, 2008
Speaks for itself.........
for what?
.....ooooh.. sexcited !
by ProperPineapple April 05, 2008
when you are excited to do something sexual with someone/something.
We were so sexcited to see our lesbian lover on Saturday night.
by Mark Rosenwald February 23, 2008
Excited in a sexual way.
Dude, that chick in the movie last night got me so sexcited!
by Blakeley January 16, 2008
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