Something excellent or desirable, in a sex-related context.
"How was your weekend?" " Sexcellent" Or "i had a Sexcellent time last night."
by Foyser April 12, 2005
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Used to describe something exciting, when excellent just Isn't enough.
John: We're going to the beach on saturday!
Matt: Sexcellent!
by Matt Ritchie June 07, 2005
sexcellent (adj) of, pertaining to, or having the qualities of sexcellence
(see below)

sexcellence (n) 1. excellence; also, sexiness
2. awesomeness; also, sexiness
3. a manner or state characterized by a propensity to excel, sexily or otherwise, esp. in the field of breakfast related goods and services

sexcel (v) to perform in a manner characterized by or demonstrating sexcellence; also, to be sexy
On our third visit, the waitstaff achieved a new level of sexcellence.

One should always try to sexcel in their chosen profession.

Damn, girl... you looking real sexcellent today.
by bobkevintomanddrew May 28, 2006
When something or someone is so extremely is starting to become sexy. Even if it has nothing to do with sexy time.
John: "Hey man, just found a tenner!"
George: "Aww thats sexcellent"
by ElChristo February 04, 2009
term used to describe something as excellent as sex itself
These Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos are sexcellent with nacho cheese!
by superflip09 October 24, 2009
a sexual pun on the word excellent
" Wow Eric, Busch Gardens sounds sexcellent!"
by a sexcellent person May 21, 2009
When sex is particularly excellent.
Josh: Yo man, did you get laid last night with the blonde girl from the club?

Shaun: Yeah dude, it was sexcellent.
by dirtyrandawg November 24, 2012
It means sexual & excellent at the same time, obviously the best combination. It was also created by a goddess named Tasha.
Guy: "Damn ur so perf there's no words to describe ur beauty"

Girl: -flutters lashes- "Yes there is.... sexcellent" -winks-

End comercial
by T Read 15 April 10, 2013

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