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to fuck so hard it's almost like digging a new hole aka excavating

Objective - to acquire a job as a sexcavator
Experience - 25 years of sexcavation
Hobbies - sexcavating and teaching others how to sexcavate
by Matt Huff June 02, 2011
Verb. When someone digs through your sexual history.
I went on date with this girl, but it isn't going to work out. She totally tired to sexcavate me. That sucks man, I hate when girls try to sexcavate.
by sexysloth January 14, 2014
To make a roommate leave in order to have sexual relations with another person in the room. Combines the word sex with excavate. Means the same as sexile.
Man, I never thought Mary would sexcavate me so she could sleep with another girl.
by Nettie88 December 05, 2007
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