The left over dried up nasty pieces of bodily fluids, skin, and hair left over after wild crazy sex that must be dusted off after the fun.
Danny, get your butt out of bed and help me dust off the sex bunnies! Rita, go wash your dirty cooch and I'll change the sheets!
#bodily fluids #cum #skin #sex #cervical fluid
by RachyRocks July 08, 2011
Top Definition
A Human who will give it up in any possition you like. For example: If you say 69 she'll hop to it.
If you say bend over she's already touching her feet. & if you say let's have sex she will bungy jump on that dick!
Yo my girl does it however i want it, she's a sex bunny:
#sex #prostitute #fucker #hoe #whore
by Sexyyyyyyyy Biotchhhhhhhhhhhhh February 12, 2009
your love partner, a nickname used to describe that your girlfriend is like a bunny and has intercourse alot and likes it alot.
You naughty little lovebunny.
Shes my little lovebunny.
Take me Mrs.Lovebunny.
Your a master sexbunny.
#lovemuffin #sexy #active #whore #horny
by Tadd Ackley September 08, 2006
A girl that likes to randomly take off her clothes at school.
Dayum That girl is a sex-bunny!!!!!!!!!!
#stripper #young stripper #school stripper #entertainer #entertainment #sexbunny #sex bunny.
by 234489739087 October 06, 2011
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