A subtype of troll who thinks that making jokes about penises, trannies and other gross sexual subject matter is humourous when it actually isn't.

Also thinks that posting porn on SOMEONE ELSES's website or wiki is funny, clever and a way to improve said site.
"Diana's wiki was bombared with Pornographic content and articles regarding penis jokes and trannies."

"Ugh....Sexaholic? Those sexaholics make me sick to my stonach."
by MM132 November 16, 2012
Top Definition
Insatiable. Someone who can't get enough. Nympho or nymphette.
She's a sexaholic.
by jay January 29, 2003
1.a person who wants/needs/goes mental without getting laid at least once a day.

2.is a medical condition that needs therapy in some.

3.addited to sex
1. i need to grab some ass, or i'm going to fucken go postal!!- jim
dude you're such a sexaholic- james

2. on desperate housewives, that therapist was a sexaholic and it was a problem

3. i need a fix
i didn't know u smoked
nah man, not that kind
ahh, your sexaholic fix i presume?
fuck yeah!
by dani-J November 18, 2007
a person who is addicted to sex
husband: plz i want you come and ride my cock
wife: hey pet! these days you're so sexaholic
by dheere December 10, 2010
The name of Brutha's 1st single off of "Vacancy", their highly anticipated sophomore album.
The "Sexaholic" song refers to a person who is powerless over their addiction to sex.

A person who is addicted to the intrigue, the tease, the forbidden.
A person who is dependent on sex, in order to continue living.

Brutha is responsible for turning thousands of women across the world into sexaholics.
I went to go see the doctor to find out what I had, he told me to listen to Usher, cause boy I got it bad. He said that I'm a sexaholic. (I can't get enough)
by MM_BruthaTeam April 25, 2010
1)see steven
2)a person obsessed with sex/ having sex
Your such a sexaholic! :-*
by Kay-T December 26, 2004
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