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A nickname for a woman whose ass you're about to get all up in, modeled after the popular X-box 360.
That's a nice Sex-box 360 right there. I'm gonna stick my controller in her USB port.
by TenInchPlaya August 20, 2006
The REAL name of the xbox 360. Commonly used to refer to how awesome the console is.
Rufio: Hey what's up?

Scy: Nothing much you?

Lou: Well I got a PS3.

Tad: Well...actually I just bought something better... the SEXBOX 360.
by Smartkidz October 17, 2008
when someone plays there xbox 360 so much its like its there sex partner.
oh look tommy is going into his room again to play his sexbox 360 tisk tisk.

hey joey hows ur sexbox 360 hahahahahah loser!
by tighty21 February 22, 2010
A very sexy nickname for the Xbox 360 game console. It was coined by fans of the console in order to express its superiority over other consoles.
Person 1: Hey, do you want to come over and play ps3

Person 2: Screw that! I think I'll just play my SexBox 360
by Hayden C February 18, 2009
A cool name for the XBox 360. I give it this name because it is sexy, instead of being a real shit bomb like the PS3 and sadly even more shit bomb Nintendo Wii. How people play with this silly crap mystifys the fuck out of me. Why the fuck do you have too move your hands and body up and down like you are tossing off?
Bill:" Yo Ted that Wii was such a waste of money dude. I mean c'mon what the fuck."

Ted:" Well for the $200 I already spent, I could of togged myself off. From now on I'll play Sex Box 360!"

Bill:" Cool! Can I watch?!"

Ted:" What me tugging?"
by Wise Hamburger October 24, 2007
A negative name for the Sex Box 360. I give it this name because it is inferior to the PS3 and sadly to the Nintendo Revolution. Also people partake in this silly machine because they are all followers who can't think for themselves.
Corey:" Yo Jay that Sex Box 360 was such a waste of money dude. I mean cmon look inside I took a crap in it."

Jay:" Well for the crap... I already consumed that and now I am going to kill myself with Tapioka pudding for my sin of purchasing the Sex Box!"

Corey:" Cool! Can I watch?!"
by Clake January 02, 2006
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