n. A member of a ggroup of friends that likes to grope one another.
Your my sex-muffin
by Lewis March 23, 2004
Top Definition
n.: a title given to a humorous, intelligent, and interesting acquaintance with whom all matters can be discussed without fear of judgement and with certain encouragement, and who will also engage in sexual intercourse if prospects of getting anyone else are found to be too dim. Abbr.: S.M.
"Daniel and I agreed that if neither of us is married by age forty, he'll be my sex muffin."
"My name is Sophie Plesniak, S.M."
by S.M.x2 January 09, 2010
1. A name for a sexually stimulating person.

2. The name of a muffin if eaten immediately before, after or during sex. This muffin is usually shared at the breakfast table or in bed after or during a long night of fornication.

1. We shared a sex muffin after 5 hours of playing "find the teacup".

2. That girl, is a total sex muffin.

3. Justin had gone to the supermarket to purchase "sex muffins" for his date that evening.

4. Janet Reno, though very attractive, would not be considered a "sex muffin".
by Colombianomania September 28, 2005
an incredibly sexy person
a person u want to have intecourse with
Eva Longoria is a sexmuffin, Id do her!
by brown guy December 17, 2007
Muffins that are made while having hot sex, making them extra super delicious.
Rachel and I made delicious sex muffins last night for my grandma.
by NiggerPie35 June 21, 2010
An extreamly vile type of muffin, that prolongs sexual intercourse.
i just ate some sex muffins then had intercourse for 15 days.
by Senor Swift August 10, 2008
an incredibly arousing muffin.
antonym: muffin TOP
I love rayray, she knows how to butter that sexmuffin'.
by sir eats a lot May 07, 2008
Sex Muffin, n. adj. to be so very sexified, that you are in sensual relation to a muffin of sexual proportions. Also, you can become this by either having a sexi hairstyle (teasing hair for a dance performance), beautiful make up (non skankesque), and a hot bod (Tay Tay Lautner.... maybe... no?). Anyways, being a sex muffin you have reached 2nd to be the best, after the Sex Ninja
I think I need to go get checked for herpes.. I think I let to many sex muffins bang the clit.
by Declan18 May 04, 2011
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