Somebody who is sexually active. That to a machine. They continually have sex as if it were programmed in a machine... It is disgusting.

Person 1: Hey did you hear about Sydney?
Person 2: Yeah, what about her?
Person 1: She has slept with so many people. INCLUDING ALEX.
Person 2: Wow. What a sex machine
by HerTitsRFake March 18, 2009
My car... the swedish beast... a 1985 volvo 744 gle. it gets all the ladies. it really does. it is also real loud. and sexy.
So, which one of you ladies would like to take a ride in the sex machine tonight?
by Big Stephen July 23, 2006
Chad Zowacki
yo, Sex machine mang...
by Beef December 12, 2003

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