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Asian hacker's attempt to seduce unsuspecting victims into clicking on their keylogging links in forum posts. The poor English is such a turn on. <sarcasm>
she has sex leg,24 years old.

this is some of her naked photo,
<keylogger link>

<keylogger link>

<keylogger link>

there's more on my computer!
leave your e-mail.i'll send to u!
by Blueiris July 07, 2008
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A part of a body which is exclusive to, a wife, teacher, girlfriend, lesbian. No male has ever found the elusive Sexleg although many people with a poor grasp of the English language clame to have pictures of it. Many have lost their World of Warcraft accounts in the search for it.

A term created by World of Warcraft forum Keyloggers.
Typical Keylogger (not the .cn)
MY teacher sexleg is so hot

Forum responces
"Can I has sexleg?"
"Got sexleg?
by Radical Ewok December 11, 2008
The weak, shaky feeling one gets in his/her upper thighs after having sex.
After fucking for a long time, they both had a severe case of sex legs.
by Angilya December 12, 2006
Slang term for a penis, esp. one not on a male - i.e., a shemale or tranny's penis.
"Dude, that's not a real chick... I saw up her skirt when she sat down over there a minute ago... she's got a sex leg!"
by chaos_wolf July 30, 2008

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