usualy a girl that has a face that you want to sex - has a sexy face..
or someone that you are sexualy attracted to because of their sexy face..
"dude did you see that sexface back there?"
"yeh man, she was one i'd like to bang"
by sexface January 05, 2005
Dodgy Facial Expression
Did you see his sex face while playing the drums?
by Kirma December 03, 2008
sexy, hot, or even simply "awesome," often used to describe best friends, etc.
"How sexface is that!?" "She is pure sexface."
by SeedOfErin April 03, 2010
Asking someone to smile, then squeezing their cheeks together and yelling sex face before laughing uncontrollably.

You may also wait for the person to smile at random then perform this special move, this is useful if a person refuses to allow a sex face to be performed on them when it plainly should.
"Lewis was smiling alot so, when he least expected it, I sex faced him."
by Cheif Beef June 05, 2009

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