1)One of the greatest movies of all time, which is pretty funny actually, has alot of great scenes and jokes

2)A need to have sex
1)The unrated version of sex drive includes everything from balls to tits

2)Do I really have to explain what the need to have sex is?
Ask any normal teenage boy who has a extremely strong hand.
by phatkid1221 October 11, 2009
Top Definition
a physiological need for sexual activity
testosterone is responsible for the male sex drive
by Daniel February 17, 2005
How far one is willing to travel to have sex.
Otherwise I'm not particularly fond of her, but she stimulates my sex drive to the point I'm willing to burn a tank of gas to tag it.
by Omar O. Ungh July 13, 2010
Similar to how you test drive a car before puchasing it. You have sex with someone before marriage or before you get too serious, in order to ensure you are willing to stay sleeing with the same person for what could potentially be the rest of your life.
guy1: "How you and Jenny doin' bro?"
guy2: " I dumped her"
guy1: "What? Why? I thought you really liked her"
guy2: "I did but I took a sexdrive and that pussy was in worse condition than a rebecca black video"
guy1: "You did the right thing"

girl1: "Did you here Cathy dumped Erik a month before the wedding?"
girl2: "Yeah, she finally took a sexdrive and let's just say steriods were in his recent past"
girl1: "She did the right thing"
by BlueHeart the illest February 12, 2012
Sex Drive: where a geek stores his porn.
(c) Geek Dictionary (tm)
by DragonAtma March 26, 2005
Your excuse for masturbating frequently.
Peter: Why do you fap 4 times everyday?
Freddie: My sex drive is high bro.
by redpando127 April 08, 2016
A street I drove on the other day.
Take a left on Greenbrier Ave., then go up Sex Drive a few miles and your there.
by Oddjobguy147 July 01, 2006
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