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A sexual girl who enjoys having sex wit sexual men. Also a girl you is without a doubt extremely sexy. She knows what she wants and knows how to get it. she is a sly as ally cat but as wild as a panther. Once you have had sex with her you'll be hooked.
" Yeah she's such a sex cat"
by Amber "the sex cat" Dorch May 21, 2007
Sexcat- (adjective)
1. Being exesively atractive; sexy
2. Having a body part/patrs that make you horny
3. doing something of the sexcat nature. ex. that dance was rather sexcatish of you
4. Being overall wonderful.
6. A extreme lover of an already named sexcat, also makes that person a sexcat
7. Courtney Ryan
ex. Wll my, you have a sexcat ass.

You are an extreme sexcat.
by I am sexcat. March 30, 2009
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