Receiving oral sex while playing xbox. Extra points for you if this act makes you better at the game that you're playing :).
I was playing on my Sexbox last night ;)
by haloblowjob April 19, 2010
Sexboxing is the act of a Female sucking on a Males penis while the male is playing Xbox.
Damn Kelly! Thats some good Sexbox you got goin' on there.
by King O' Sexbox February 22, 2010
A box you have sex in.. especially infront of Billie Joe's house...
Sky:"Wanna go have sex?"
Amanda:"Yep! Let me get my Sex box."
by SkyJean January 07, 2007
A name given to x-box fanatics mainly used when they spend frequent amounts of time on their console.

The thought that the x-box gives the gamer extreme pleasure when playing.
- 'My life, my boyfriend must have been on his friggin sex-box till 4 this morning!'

'Damn girl, I hear ya, my man's the same!'

- 'I hear your girlfriends back from America?'

'Yeah man, I had a right session last night!'

'Did she enjoy it?'

'Nah man, I meant me and the sex-box.'

- 'You know what, I think me and my boyfriend might be splitting up!'

'What girl? Why - is everything okay?'

'No girl, he doesn't listen to me no more, never looks at me while I'm talking to him, and we never have sex anymore!'


'You got the same problem too, then?'
by Miss C strikes again October 09, 2009
beyond awesome, completely and totally fucking amazing, the best thing everr....sexbox
dude 1: that was the most badass quadruple backflip ever
dude 2: was sexbox
by Im_Jergen_Noff October 03, 2010
The box in the corner of the dry-erase board that warns dorm and roomates that you are getting ass.
"yo, dont go in there, his sex box is slashed out"
by theplaxe September 21, 2010
Xbox played when naked.
No one was home so I was playing some sexbox but then my mom walked in and saw me naked and had a heart attack.
by The Mad Crasher December 31, 2009
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