a person who will explode in a fury of sex:)
MY sexbomb, not yours..
Girl- I got made and exploded, then i went to have sex with a vampire.
Guy- you're such a sex bomb!
#exploded #sex #vampire #have #you're
by camitus March 01, 2008
Sexbomb, sexbomb
you're my sexbomb!!!!!!
bloody glorious word
proper cheesy
"Hi, im a sexbombbb!"
#sexbombs r us #sexbomb #tracey is a sexbomb #sexxxxxxbombbbbbbb #sexy
by rachulll February 07, 2008
An intoercontinental bukkake missile, or a strategic adult theater weapon.
Man, this guy came to my party over the weekend and launched a sex bomb on this drunk chick in my bed when I was puking in the tub. I don't know how I'll get those spooge stains out of my sheets.
by mister hamtaro-man February 29, 2004
an incredibly gorgeous person; great personality; filipino; bombdiggity phresh; most likely used to describe a May
Sami: May is such a sexbomb!
Princess: I know, right?
#may #sexbomb #cool #gorgeous #awesomeness
by pockyprincess February 07, 2009
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