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An extended sex spree, or binge, involving a single partner.
You don’t go on a sex bender with your girl/boyfriend, you go on a sex bender with your EX girl/boyfriend, or any ex-flame of any sort. (This person must be someone you’ve ALREADY slept with.) SBs typically last three to four days, very rarely less, occasionally more, and MUST involve travel (usually, and preferably, by air) to a “far away” city; i.e., that place s/he moved after you broke up, or that place s/he STAYED after YOU left. SBs do NOT involve love, or intimations of love, nor do they involve guilt or intimations of guilt. Think “free pleasure zone”.

see also bender
by tno September 07, 2004
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When a man for 5 days straight looks at porn, masturbates and has sex with his girl or a girl nonstop

Great beyond compare often makes your nuts chafe fuck responibly
You: Haven't seen Richard in a week
Me:Oh, he must be on a sex bender lucky guy
by doodyman October 27, 2012
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