doing sex all the time...feeling to have to
my ex girlfriend...she was a sex addict....i came in to her apartment and she was in bed with 2 other guys...sleeping...her hand was stuck up his ass...and her head was on the other guys cock...she had cum all over her face...her tounge was hanging out!...and the hand there hand up her vagina...cum all over the place...and the other guy had his hands on her a man bra....SICK....that girls a cunt...i was so pissed...i ended up sleeping with3 girls that nite...and got 2 pregnent...hey wat the hell! cocks huge! a sex addict now too....i hate it....but im always happy
by crdkdm August 07, 2007
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1. Someone who is addicted to sex, meaning they physically and mentally cannot go a certain amount of time without it. Usually results in having sex with someone they normally wouldn't, simply because they need a fix. Similiar to alcohol and drug addiction because in all three, a person is craving a release from stress and/or some form of gratification.

2. A lame reason people give for cheating on their significant other.
1. "I can't believe I had sex with HIM last night...he has every STD known to man, and a few known only to dogs. I felt the need to jump SOMEONE, and he happened to be right there. I hate being a sex addict."

2. " wasn't my fault I slept with your sister...I'm a sex addict...I can't help it.."
by Kenari Marks June 27, 2006
Human male....
Look at anyone with a penis over the age of 12...

That is a sex addict....
by Slexx September 12, 2009
(See Tiger Woods)
Tiger Woods: "I am the role model for all sex addicts!"
by TheraputicDecay December 19, 2009
someone who cannot live without sex for a long period of time; it's such a deep desire that they would have sex with anyone just to fulfill that constant desire.
also, commonly known among teenagers as "a krystal".
Example; "I was wrong for cheating on you. I was pulling a krystal, and i'm sorry".

-my exgirlfriend krystal is such a sex addict. i swere, she used to try and pressure me into threesomes with her and some random person. it was just plain sick.

-You can't live without sex for a day! your such a damn sex addict! i can't believe you.
sex addict, sexaddicked
by Hollie Kelly May 13, 2007
A sex addict is simply one who is addicted to further explanation needed...
Naseem: Im a SEX ADDICT!
Doctor: Yes, yes you are. You need to go get some of that sex..
by LAla7676 February 25, 2009
Holden Caulfield. At least thats what he says.
like Holden, you are a giant sex addict.
by shimmyshimmyquarterturn June 22, 2009
people addicted to sex.
se7en from brokencyde is a sex addict.
by fobthesheep June 14, 2009

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