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People have sex when they get very turned on and horny. When they just keep touching each other slightly and rubbing against each other ever so lightly until they just want to rip each others clothes off. When they do this, and the man inserts his penis into a womans vagina/ass or a mans ass, or a woman inserts whatever into another womans whatever, they are having sex.
When my boyfriend arrived, I was wearing a skimpy black dress, black lacy boyshorts, and no bra. As soon as we got into his room, I pressed him against the wall and began to rub my perky ass on his cock. As soon as it got hard, I ripped his pants down and took all seven inches of it into my mouth, licking and sucking the whole thing until he couldn't stand it anymore. Forcefully he grabbed me and ripped my dress off, the sight of my round perk boobs freely bouncing and my thin, tan waist driving him wild. I sat on the bed, opening my legs, and said, "Fuck me."
He didn't hesitate to do so, coming at me quickly and entering my wet pussy easily. He fucked me hard, deep, and fast, causing me to moan with pleasure at each deep thrust. He grunted and I moaned, "Fuck me, of fuck me, yes, yes." The sight of my own tits being grabbed and him entering me driving me absolutely wild.
But he slid out of me and turned me over on all fours, and went into my vagina again from the back. He spanked me and made me moan as he fucked me, harder and harder, and I kept cumming, not ever wanting him to stop. He pushed me down so I was laying, and continued to fuck me, the penis going deeper than ever into me, causing me to moan and moan.
Finally it happened, I orgasmed and at the same time he pulled out and cummed into my mouth and on my tits. I swallowed all that I could and rubbed the rest into my smooth skin
"Oh my god, thank you," I said, and he grabbed my tits some more.
by l e t s f u c k October 20, 2009
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About... 95% percent of the guys in your school are thinking about constantly....
That guy keeps on looking at me in my 5th period.. i he defiantly wants to have sex with me
by KHAYOS January 20, 2008
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when a man sticks his erect penis in a womans lubricated vagina for either pleasure or baby making. Sex can be done between a man and a woman a woman and a woman or a man and a man or several people at once (threesome, foresome, orgy etc).
i was walking into the auditorium setting down the costumes for the show that was about to begin. My friend was talking to me but as i was setting up my eyes were fixed on something else. The sexist man alive and the lead in the show, Adam. He was lifting a heavy backdrop and his muscles showed through his shirt and he was sweaty, which was turning me on. He looked at me from the stage and winked. I blushed real bad and turned around. Later when everybody was in their own dressing rooms, i was changing, when i heard a knock from outside. "some ones in here," i said. "I know," said a voice. i went outside half naked and saw adam standing there wearing practically nothing. "what are you doing here?" i said as i reached for my shirt. "Don't" he said , he held my hand and took the shirt out of my hands. His voice was low and sweet and he pulled me toward him. I didnt resist as we kissed passionately. He grabbed the small of my back with one hand and my breast with the other. I held his head as i reached down to the hard lump in his pants. "Take your pants off," i commanded, he did so quickly. And i saw the biggest penis that i had ever layed eyes on. I was 10 inches long and 3 inches wide completely erect. I slowly licked the tip and blew on the top. The sensation drove him crazy as he moaned for more. I went up and down the shaft with my mouth and then started deep throating him. I couldnt help it but i bit down as his penis reached the back of my throat. "OH MY GOD, dont stop Leah, dont stop!" but i felt he was about to cum so i grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down next to me. We kissed again and then we were having sex. He was shallow fucking me "GO HARDER, " i demanded. i felt his penis move in and out of me and the pleasure that came was so amazing it felt like rising in your legs until your body can't take it anymore and collaspes under you. "Leah oh man your amazing." he felt like he was going to cum so he flipped me over as i layed under him and we did it doggie until he pushed all 10 inches into me and the sensation drove me striaght into orgasm just after one push i screamed his name out of pure joy and felt better than i ever could have. He took it all out and then shoved it back in as i screamed in pleasure. i orgasmed for 5 full minutes as he was still on me and i felt the warmth of his cum inside me as we both collapsed on each other breathing hard. We then fell asleep still with his penis in me as he layed over me. Some one knocked on the door and it jotled us awake. We quickly got dressed still steamed and full of passion as we eyed each other. we silently promised that later we will go again and again, as i kissed him "later" i promised and as i kissed him i felt him smile...
by Leah Conforti August 04, 2009
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A man entering a females vagina or arse. (Could be man into man)
Reaching point of orgasm and coming.
I got home from work late and found my boyfriend on the sofa naked apart from a candy thong he had bought me last Christmas. I could see his penis trying to escape the sickly sweet covered bit of string.. He looked so seductive I dropped my bags and started to tear off my clothes in front off him like a strip tease. He beckoned me over and I began to bite the sweets off of his candy thong one by one, occasionally playing pass the polo. I got closer the the sweets that were nearer to the end of his dick and began to feel the wetness of his come in my mouth. I finished the sweets and ripped off the rest of the string with my teeth. I climbed on top of him and slid down his body, kissing his tender skin as I went. I slid his semi-hard dick into my mouth and began to deep throat it. I could see the lust in my eyes and my pussy began to feel wet! I massaged his balls until his dick was hard and firm. I reached up his body and snogged him ferociously slipping the come in and out of each others mouth.He began to play with my boobs and lick them. I screamed with pleasure as he began to suck my nipples and caress my body. I straddled myself on his body and leaned back so he could have a clear view of my wet pussy. He began to eat me out. He put his mouth over the lips of my pussy and seperated them with his tongue. He began to suck hard on my clit and then began to tongue fuck me. I moaned and groaned until he began to finger fuck me when I screamed with pleasure and came! He threw me onto the floor and pulled out a bottle of toffee sauce from behind the sofa. He began to pour it all over my body and I rubbed it in allover me and put some on him too. We began to lick ever single bit off each other. I gave him head again while he licked me out. For the first time we were doing a 69er! We both came simultaneously and began to kiss still with the come in our mouth. I straddled on to him and his dick slowly found its way inside me. He pushed right into me so hard. He caressed my boobs and licked my body! He became tired and slowed down the tempo. He kissed me passionately to finish it off. I was so overwhelmed and so wet I fell asleep in his arms on the floor. That was one of the best coming home from work I have had! And the longest time sex and foreplay have lasted.
by Jacqqqqqqqqqq July 02, 2007
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every man's goal in life
If you dont have sex before you die your life has been a waste
by middle fingger April 18, 2006
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A verbal exercise involving the pronounciation of OOOUUHHS and AAAAHHHS and YESSSSS and
oooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaaah yesssssssssss
by brrrr February 15, 2005
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Sex is something I, (and everyone else who has taken the time to look this up) would love to be doing right now. You know you want to have sex, so don't deny it.
"Ahh...humping a hard dick during sex feels reaaaaally goooood..."
by That's right be jealous! January 16, 2008
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