what you will never have, SEX!
just stick ur hand down your pants
"its the closest you'll ever get to sex"
by noimnotgay December 25, 2006
Hot, stinky, sweatty, monkey love.
Boy: Lets have sex!
Girl: Ooo, get your monkey love away you bastard!
by sexdoctor February 10, 2006
Kristine refers to an animal in the sack. Her one-tracked mind only thinks about the female speices. All kristines are lesbians. Beware as they hunt they're prey in the dark (while naked) and can pounce at any moment. Kristine is a sexually aggresive individual.
This girl is a sexually aggresive animal in the sack. Sometimes she hunts prostitutes for a living and humps them in a bush. If you have this name, you are positively a lesbian.
by krisy... x January 09, 2008
When you stick a penis in a random vagina. Usually to make babies and for pleasure.
I stuck my penis in a floppy vagine for sex
by Non of the above February 25, 2008
If you don't know what sex is then you must be a stupid little knob that has never been laid before. Go to a strip club and fuck some whores bitches.
Sperm tastes good on peanut butter and jelly Sandwiches
Wanna' come to my house and I can jerk off while I watch you and you Asian friend have sex in the bathtub.
by MrPonisMoffle June 03, 2011
to insert the dick...hard...into a pussy to make her/him groan and moan in delight. itss funnn
i had sex with my mom by inserting my dick into her vagina and got her pregnant.
by greda washington March 12, 2009
Sex Is Plain And Simple Intercourse Between A Man And A Man
And A Woman And A Man.
Lesbian Sex Isn't Classes As 'Sex' As There Is No Penitration And Is Just Oral. ThereFore If You Suck Someone Of And Have Not Had A Cock Shoved Up You YOUR STILL A VIRGIN!!!!
Sucking Someone Of Isn't SEX!
Man Inserts His Penis Into The Anal Passage This Is Gay Sex!
by TheMuffinMan225765623 May 16, 2008

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