A Sex Ex... S-EX

The name given to a person you had sex with but didnt date. instead of calling them an Ex, you call them a sEX

Commonly used when you've had sex with a friend and then it goes sour. Or someone you serially shagged but never dated.. As in a casual sex arrangement that ended.
Hey, remember my sex, Richard? He was the best I've had!
by blackrabbit January 05, 2006
(1)when a male inserts his penis into a females vagina
(2)the thing your parents called the birds and the bees
(3)act with the goal of procreation
(1)Have sex with me, please!
(2)Ask your mother what sex is.
(3)We had sex and now im pregnant!
by thatswhatisaid December 09, 2006
When a man is trapped between many other men and pointy organs are shoved into every oriface (including but not limited to: anus, ears, nostrils, urethra, belly button, eye socket, shoulder blades, armpits, mouth, open wounds, surgical scars, and pores. I am aware that not all of these are orifaces)
He had cocks jammed in his anus, ears, nostrils, urethra, belly button, eye socket, shoulder blades, armpits, mouth, open wounds, surgical scars, and pores.
by Jorgenheim August 08, 2005
when a man and a woman love each other very much, the man takes her into his room, chains her to the bed, and has HARDCORE RAPE UP THE ASS.
woman:aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh it feels sooo good. sex is nice.

man:shut up hoe.
by rickiyson January 04, 2009
a person who is sex ..aka short for sexy =]
some one who looks really cute, hot, sexy -_- is sex =D and some one who's really sweet, kind, funny, great personality is also sex like my boyfriend =]
Parth is very Sex...and MORE =D because he's my boyfriend and bestfriend =]
by Parth's Girlfriend =D March 24, 2008
1. The act of enjoying being single.
2. A forgotten act after you say "I do" and stupidly get married.
3. An insult for married women and the cause of headaches.
1. girfriend: "hey baby, why don't you fuck my head off"
boyfriend: "spread your legs baby"
2. 6 year old daughter "Dad, whats sex?"
Dad: "I don't know honey, I don't remember"
3. wife calling on phone: "When are you comming home?"
husband: "when i finish feasting my cock with these hoes in the pub. Do what you always do, go to sleep darling"
by stupidlymarried December 11, 2006
Where a man inserts his erect penis into a woman's vagina. Sometimes sex can include the sucking of the penis, oral sex, in which the woman is sucking the mans penis and the man is licking the woman's vagina, anal sex, or hand jobs.

It was the night for me to meet 'his' parents. Ohh Shit. He is fucking british, they are so proper. So of course i spent 1851617572751735y55714657 hours on looks, and we got there. i could tell they didnt like me. they can fucking suck micheal jacksons DIICKK! for all i care. so i excused my self from the table to use the ladies room and i found the help some guy, who had some sexxy ass looks, and he was cleaning the bathroom so i closed the door with us both in, and he fucked me all over that bathroom, and he wouldnt stop, even when i asked him to please stop. we had all kinds of sex in that bathroom. it was hoot and sweaty. so he turned the shower on cold and shoved me in. my breats got hard, and i was freezing. he shoved his BIIIG penis into my mouth, it tasted soooo good. but he kept shoving, too hard now. i was begging him to stop. (i am preety sure he was a sex addict or sex slave or just plain messed up) he fingered my cunt. now we were on the toilet him on bottom and i was riding him, it was so hoot, but so wrong. he finally stopped, i cleaned up and he promised me we would do it again sometime :/

a few weeks later i saw him at the country club.. was he following me, i dont know? but we went to a room.. and again. I just wanted a quick one, get in get out syle, ya know? but he locked the door, he had a videocamera. he turned it on. he stared with shoving my mouth onto his lushis penis and shoving his tongue into my pussy. by then cum was litterally shooting everywhere. anal sex now. she shoved that dick into me so hard, i started to cry. the video thing go this all on tape. and when we went to the bathroom, yes the bathroom, he brought it with us. he had it in his hand and with it he examined my entire body. opened my vagina wide and let it look inside. i felt violated now. i tried to leave but he threw me into the shower. got in and bit my nipples. he was shoving his dick into my vagina. and then into my mouth. it went to the back of my throat, i was choking. he had hand cuffs, and not the furry pink ones either. he tightened them around my wrist and to the shower curtain bar thing. there i was hanging him just touching me, fucking me, this was sex.

this was repeated about 4 more times.. no enjoyment ever came out of it after the seond time.

lesson: sex is good but it goes to far.

and as for my boyfriend.. well now he is my husband. and he has NOO idea what happened. so shhh.
by Sexual_Victim. October 05, 2008

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