The best feeling in the world, and when done right, you feel so relived afterward. I perfer doggy-style. But all the time, i like it rough. I like to be unable to hold in my screams and moans. I love my hair pulled. and in return i give the guys the best blow-job they've EVER recieved in there life, I deepthroat and lick their balls at the same time, then take their load with a giggling smile and ask for more. =]]
Guys call me, i got them on lock! They want my pussy and im more than willing to go on a sex spree =]]
by <33<33 February 03, 2009
something you do when your happy and you want love.
harold:i want to have sex, RIGHT NOW!
little child: oh yes.. give me some candy
harold:fuck yes!!!

by chicken food April 17, 2009
the act of inpregnating a woman through sex
Man, I inpregnated that woman by having sex with her!
by Urbancontrol August 19, 2009
if you really came here to look up sex you little child.. or grown man/woman.. please out of the goodness of my heart and keeping your digity, just stop..
seriously... go play in traffic... sex
by victoria bee December 15, 2008
the act of which the hard dick is slid into a nice wet pussy an the nigga starts slow strokin it till the both cum.
me an my nigga had nice sex on his livin room floor.. thats the best sex i ever had cuz his dick is nice an fat. we both had multiple orgasims
by lickmypumpum July 19, 2006
Wow u dumbass, are you really looking up sex right now?!?!?!
well retard heres the meaning:

Man... I will never have sex!!
by muahaha<3 November 24, 2010
when a man takes his penis and shoves it into a women's vagina hole.
he gets agressive, humps and grunts, and doesn't care that the girl is in pain.
she organsms though because his penis feels good in her pusssy.
"me and jane had sex last night and she was crying because it felt so good."
by Andrew Nicholas December 09, 2008

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