Face it, the only reason that you're looking up sex right now is so that you can get horny from people's definitions.
Bro, I just looked up sex on urban dictionary. It was so much better than porn.
by sex:) July 19, 2012
The way humans reproduce.
After the party, Maria and Jake decided to go back to Jake's house. He wanted to show her his new jacuzzi. When they arrived, Jake led her out to the backyard and turned it on. "Let's try it out," Maria said. "sure," Jake said. they got into their bathing suits and slowly got into the whirling, hot, bubbly pool. Before they really knew what was happening, Jake came over to Maria and stared kissing her. she didn't refuse, and kissed him back.
They loved feeling each others mouths and being in the hot water. jake started massaging maria's breasts while they kissed. she took off her bikini top and let him squeeze them some more.
they did this for a while, and as they got more turned on it became more passionate and hot. jake pulled off his swim trunks and threw them out of the jacuzzi. maria let him remove her bikini bottom and then she started giving him an underwater handjob. he got really hard really fast. he took his dick and shoved it into her pussy.
he nailed her hard and fast, loving how it felt to be inside her. she started to feel the pleasure building up deep within her. "Oh, Jake. Ahhhh, oooohhhh. Harder, ooohhh. Aaaahhhh, oh, go faster, faster! Ohhhh, Jake, ooohh! Don't stop baby! Ooooohhhhh! Ahhh! Harder! Oh!" maria moaned and screamed as he penetrated her again and again. he finally hit her g-spot and she came harder than she'd ever come before. the orgasm rocked her body for three whole minutes. her screams and pulsing vagina along with the hot water and the bubbles made Jake cum into her.
he pulled out and they caught their breath.

Now that's what I call sex!
by ABCdefg.....hello! December 29, 2007
People have sex when they get very turned on and horny. When they just keep touching each other slightly and rubbing against each other ever so lightly until they just want to rip each others clothes off. When they do this, and the man inserts his penis into a womans vagina/ass or a mans ass, or a woman inserts whatever into another womans whatever, they are having sex.
When my boyfriend arrived, I was wearing a skimpy black dress, black lacy boyshorts, and no bra. As soon as we got into his room, I pressed him against the wall and began to rub my perky ass on his cock. As soon as it got hard, I ripped his pants down and took all seven inches of it into my mouth, licking and sucking the whole thing until he couldn't stand it anymore. Forcefully he grabbed me and ripped my dress off, the sight of my round perk boobs freely bouncing and my thin, tan waist driving him wild. I sat on the bed, opening my legs, and said, "Fuck me."
He didn't hesitate to do so, coming at me quickly and entering my wet pussy easily. He fucked me hard, deep, and fast, causing me to moan with pleasure at each deep thrust. He grunted and I moaned, "Fuck me, of fuck me, yes, yes." The sight of my own tits being grabbed and him entering me driving me absolutely wild.
But he slid out of me and turned me over on all fours, and went into my vagina again from the back. He spanked me and made me moan as he fucked me, harder and harder, and I kept cumming, not ever wanting him to stop. He pushed me down so I was laying, and continued to fuck me, the penis going deeper than ever into me, causing me to moan and moan.
Finally it happened, I orgasmed and at the same time he pulled out and cummed into my mouth and on my tits. I swallowed all that I could and rubbed the rest into my smooth skin
"Oh my god, thank you," I said, and he grabbed my tits some more.
by l e t s f u c k October 20, 2009
when a guy comes home to a girl and she has nothing on at all. they go in the bed and the girl spreads her legs apart. then the guy sticks his dick into her vagina and he pushes it in repeatedly, faster and harder. if chosen, the girl can suck and lick his dick, the guy can lick her vagina, they can lick eachother anywhere, and he can play and lick her boobs. this is the best thing to do when on a rainy day, or just when you're bored.
the other night my man came home from a hard day of work with me waiting. i had the heat up reall high, and with nothing on at all. i all of a sudden pulled him into the bedroom and striped his clothes off. i was rubbing and stroking him. then he went on top with me on the bottom, and i shoved his dick into my pussy. man, i love his dick, the biggest and tastiest i have ever seen. then i made him slide his dick in and out, in and out. i started yelling, " OH BABY! THATS THE SPOT! HARDER BABY, HARDER! YESS OHHH...FUCK ME HARDER AND HARDER! THATS HOW TO DO IT! OH, RIDE ME ALL NIGHT LONG!" then when we're done with that, i take his dick out and i start sucking on it and licking it, massaging it with my tounge. while im doing that he is licking and sucking on my boobs, that feels good. then we switch, and he sucks on my pussy, sticking his tounge inside of it, licking every nook, cranny, and corner of it. after that, i like him to go down on the floor, with his head and neck up against the bed. then i rub my vagina all along his neck while my im sqeezing his head with my boobs.

shit, the best sex ever.

if he's not in the mood, then i go into the bedroom and pull my pants off. then i take a huuuuugeeeeeee back massager that vibrates harddd, and stick that into my pussy.
by SeXcRaZyGiRl March 17, 2007
there are many different forms of sex.
one being preformed orally. either a woman sucks a mans genitals or a man massages or bites a womans vagina. dont forget gay and lebian couples either.

another being anal sex. a man inserts his penis into a man or womans anus and pumps it back and forth.

and then there is vaginal sex....
a penis is inserted into the vagina and pumped back and forth.
there are many different positions and props used to make this pleasurable activity much more exciting.
things such as handcuffs, whips, chains, skimpy little outfits ("let's play doctor babe"), and other things.
condoms are a NECESSITY if you dont wish to get pregnant or any sort of STD.
after a romantic evening out, jane and bob stood outside jane's apartment door.
jane shuffled her feet nervously as she tried to muster up the courage to invite bob inside.
but bob, being the understanding type knew exactly what to do.
"jane would you mind if i stayed for a while?"
jane smiled a big smile. "i'd love you to stay."
feeling so happy and excited, jane kissed bob.
and this little innoccent kiss turned into a big big kiss.
the door locked behind them.
clothes on the floor.
heavy breathing.
and then with one hand massaging janes breast, bob reached over and pulled a condom off the nightstand.
but jane liked being dominant during sex, so she slapped bob across the face and they quickly switched positions.
jane on top.
as his penis entered her vagina, bob began to moan and sweat.
jane pulled handcuffs from beneath her pillow, chained bob to the bed.
worked him so hard he screamed.
she slapped him again, harder...
"YOU FUCKING SLUT!" bob yelled, a grin on his face.
"Scream, bob, you know you want to... dont make me force you!"
bob screamed.
louder louder.
his head pounding against the headboard as jane thrusted her hips into his.
finally bobs grip on the sheets tightened and he let out the loudest scream yet.
jane lowered her head and swallowed his cum.
this would be known as hot, kinky sex.
by franklintonskyville July 28, 2006
1. The act of sexual intercourse between a male and female
a. When a man inserts his erect penis into a female's vagina and moves back in forth at varying tempos. Causes man to eject semen into women's vagina.

TRANSLATION: A horny guy grabs his dick shoves it in a girl's pussy and fuckin' rides her until he cums.
I invited my girlfriend over for some help with her college test preping. When she got here, she looked normal as any hott college girl. She was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt cuz it was cold. Once I shut the door she stripped off her sweatshirt and jeans and all was left were panties. She walked over and shoved her hand down my pants and said "come'on baby, lets ride". She pulled off my pants and gave me the best fuckin handjob. She sat me down and slid my cock into her pussy. she rode me sayin"FUCK ME YOU BITCH FUCK ME" Finally i grabbed her and shoved her over onto the bed and put her ass upp in the air. i inserted my dick and banged her all night till i cumed all over her ass. she gave me the best blowjob of my lifffe after. best sex ever. best.
by fuckingLOVEu April 23, 2006
A really fun activity done by a man and a woman
I was walking up to my girlfriend's apartment and was in my boxers and a t-shirt, because I just couldn't sleep without her. I opened the door and she was in a thong and wonderful see-through bra. Her breasts were HU- FREAKIN'- MONGUS I mean the biggest ones I've ever seen. She came over to me and pulled off my boxers and t-shirt, she pulled her thong off and allowed me to snap he really expensive bra. She demanded I shove my penis up her vagina, I was really happy.
We fell to the floor I was sliding my penis in and out of her vagina, she was screaming, "GO, GO, FASTER, HARDER, I KNOW YOU CAN HAVE SEX, KEEP GOING, HARDERRRRRRRRRR!" I slid faster and harder than I ever have before, she was practically losing her voice before she was satisfied. I was so happy, her breasts were right in front of me I sucked her nipples and was having a great time. This went on for about two hours and she was screaming, "HARD, HARD, I CAN TAKE IT, FASTER, HARDER, KEEP GOING, FAST, HARD, PUT IT ON ME!" This went on so long I would bore you with the details, so I'll stop here. I'll tell you sex is extremely important, it started the human race and if you want pleasure, if you're a woman have a guy shove his penis in you're vagina. If you're a guy have a woman scream "FASTER HARDER!" You will have a great time doing that. Just make sure your and her clothes are off and you're having some sort of contact.
by Someone that knows February 26, 2006
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