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the best thing to do in someones booty
one night i was really bored then my friend josh came over to play video games as he entered he said hello there john.I couldnt help myself he was just to iresistable I itmediately ripped off his pants he pushed my head near his ten inch dick I opened my mouth and sucked as hard as i could till I felt a warm sweet liquid trickle down my mouth .Every bit of him was delicious he threw over and ripped my pants off and repetidly pumped his pulsating dick deeper and deeper into my anus and i moaned whith joy and pure undiscribable pleasure and content.I yelled and yelled harder deeper I want to feel you inside me .THEN I could feel his cum ooze inside my anus i pulled him off me and tasted the cumm he had left behind and fucked him in the ass till he was sore. I hope this helped some fag jack off and inspired a hot gay sex scene
by the jacker offer December 30, 2008
You who are looking this up are dumb asses!
seriouly go see a doctor if you curious about sex duh
by cowchica11 June 19, 2009
To be said when is someone does or says something that is extremely corny, weird or gay.
Person 1: Says something or does something extremely corny
Person 2: SEX!
by J Crack April 27, 2007
The thing you can find on every dude's computer. So soft but STIFF. Wet Juicy but Dry and slighty moist busting all over her face BOOOOOOOOM every time YES OH GOD YES -----> O
Sweet sweet loving ALRIGHTTTT
by Pyro September 09, 2003
some thing done with another person
amanda giving tien oral sex
by kaotic boi March 10, 2003
another word for "the shit"
"Eyeliner and mascara are the sex"
"Have you seen kelly lately? She's such the sex"
by K.L.G. August 24, 2007
super energizing xtra
Wait a moment, I have to take my s-e-x pill first.
by manila December 08, 2003