When Jeremy sticks his Schroder in Nicoles Vag.
We got kinky last night and had sex in Jeremys jeep.
by Nicole fjghgknds July 25, 2008
When two or more individuals engage in an act which brings pleasure and desire to all participants and can leave all parties wanting more.
A man and woman, man and man, woman and woman or collection greater than two of men and women please each other sexually.
by JessT April 08, 2008
to have sex, to have sexual intercourse
Anna and Becky had sex in the back seat.

(Jin watched, Sara JIZZED.)
by Kereko March 20, 2011
When a male inserts his penis into the vagina of a female for reproduction or sexual gratification.

If it's not a real penis, in a real vagina, it's just masturbation or foreplay.
Eric and John are gay and have never been with a woman, so they have never really had sex.
by Spydr May 17, 2009
something i could never stop thinking about
I really wanna have SEX some of the girls in my school...
by The Chariot October 20, 2007
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