when a man takes his machine Gun and puts it into a woman's jijipona and fires off
Micheal the other sex Sandra resulting in the birth of victor
by Etwe hene May 16, 2008
That thing that was done before you were born.
Father: Let's have nasty sex honey!
Mother: You want to have a child?
by Polinmerio May 11, 2008
an activity in which a man inserts his erect or stiff penis into a woman's vagina (aka pussy). he then may move it in or out
i was talking with my boyfriend the other day when he suddenly backed me against the wall and began to remove his pants. i removed all my clothes and we began to have sex.
by ttyl December 20, 2007
two ppl coming together and making love or fucking
I had finshed cooking when my boyfriend took me right.He carried me to the bed and i rip his clothes off.I took charge and mounted him.I Used my hips and moved ina circular motion .Then i bent backwards and felt his cock inside me more.after hours of that he went to work and i was happy.That was the best sex i had ever had
by bloody vampire April 29, 2007
A very fun activity! lol
I had sex last night and like one hour ago!
by pEngU!n June 16, 2005
wow really?
i swear how do yu not know what this is?
and if yur looking it up cause yu wanna

get horny and shiit then wow get a lyfe
who ever us reading this obviously cant get some
so they read bout sex here!

get a lyfe .. for real!
by wow, really? February 15, 2010
To masturbate with a vagina.
Sex is way better than using my hand!!!!!
by Truelove February 26, 2008

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