Oxford dictionary decripes sex as one male injects his fluid into a female, the dictionary also says this can result in a baby if the correct protection is not used.BUT WHO CARES WHAT THOOSE DICK HEADS THINK, THEY WOULDN'T KNOW A DICK IF IT CAME UP AND...........you get the rest.
(come on babe, we might has well it feels way better without it)
by Un known June 03, 2005
Best thing ever. End of story.
Okay, so sex is messy and unpredictable sometimes but it's still the best thing ever.
by Harlan Huynh April 22, 2007
used to describe a very enjoyable event that had occured or is yet to occur
Amy- That gig last night was sex!

Ellie- The party tommrow night is gonna be sex!
by Lankstar November 24, 2008
Up the ass
Down the throat
In-between the legs
Out comes the baby
I had sex last night
by BIllllIIIIiiiiii!!!!!!!!! October 12, 2008
When people egage in activities that involve the penis, and the vagina, resulting in pleasure, or without protection; STD's, or pregnancy of a baby who looks nothing like you, and looks like the boy who had sex with you and left when he found out she had a lifeform in her uterus.
Damn, they had sex. They had sex goooood..
by ganjagabit May 18, 2008
when a man takes his machine Gun and puts it into a woman's jijipona and fires off
Micheal the other sex Sandra resulting in the birth of victor
by Etwe hene May 16, 2008
What a man and women do for both love and pleasure.
Lets have sex baby girl
by HornDog81 August 01, 2007

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