If you don't know what sex is then you must be a stupid little knob that has never been laid before. Go to a strip club and fuck some whores bitches.
Sperm tastes good on peanut butter and jelly Sandwiches
Wanna' come to my house and I can jerk off while I watch you and you Asian friend have sex in the bathtub.
by MrPonisMoffle June 03, 2011
to insert the dick...hard...into a pussy to make her/him groan and moan in delight. itss funnn
i had sex with my mom by inserting my dick into her vagina and got her pregnant.
by greda washington March 12, 2009
Sex Is Plain And Simple Intercourse Between A Man And A Man
And A Woman And A Man.
Lesbian Sex Isn't Classes As 'Sex' As There Is No Penitration And Is Just Oral. ThereFore If You Suck Someone Of And Have Not Had A Cock Shoved Up You YOUR STILL A VIRGIN!!!!
Sucking Someone Of Isn't SEX!
Man Inserts His Penis Into The Anal Passage This Is Gay Sex!
by TheMuffinMan225765623 May 16, 2008
When two people from the oppisite sex "do it". Usually in the bed but can be in other spots.
Dark Room with Candles, with only a bed, You shut off the lights and have Sex
by Jay Hoon Jung March 15, 2007
Most commonly, when a man puts his penis (also known as: dick, hard-on, wood, stickle, sperm injector, weiner, fuckly stick, floppaloppagiss) in a vagina (also known as: va-JJ, donut hole, ovary exit, baby gun, humplestiltzskin). Recently, some gay men have put their penises/dicks/hard-ons/wood/ stickles/sperm injectors/weiners/fuckly sticks/floppaloppagisses in other gay men's butts (also known as: asses, poop holes, brownie makers). Lesbians (gay women) have sex, too, but it is unknown how. The best guess by scientists is that they stick their big toes in to the others vagina/va-JJ/donut hole/ovary exit/baby gun/humplestiltzskin.
Man: Want to have sex?
Woman: Sure dear.
Man: Let me stick my penis/dick/hard-on/wood/ stickle/sperm injector/weiner/fuckly stick/floppaloppagiss in your vagina/va-JJ/donut hole/ovary exit/baby gun/humplestiltzskin.
Woman: Ugh, ugh, ugh, UGH!

Man 1: Wanna have shex?
Man 2: Sure hotstuff.
Man 1: Let me stick my penis/dick/hard-on/wood/stickle/sperm injector/weiner/fuckly stick/floppaloppagiss in your butt/ass/poop hole/brownie maker.
Man 2: Eeh, eeh, eeh, EEH!

Woman 1: Want to haf the sex making?
Woman 2: Sure carpenter.
Woman 1: Let me stick my big toe in your vagina/va-JJ/donut hole/ovary exit/baby gun/humplestiltzskin.
Woman 2: Ruff, ruff, ruff, RUFF!
by Luther Willhoutte February 23, 2008
Men and women can enjoy this together. But while doing this, make sure to not make babies! Use a condam every time or suffer the consequences of HERPES!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!
One day, when I was eating a sandwitch, a girl came up to me and asked me if i wanted to have a good time. I said, I LOVE GOOD TIMES! HOOK ME UP BIATCH! First, she gave me a hand job. At first, she was squeezing a lttle too hard. I was dissapointed at this, so I told her to let off a little. Eventually, she got used to the form. The rest of the time, we simply licked each other in innapropriate places like the penal area and the vaginal area and the breastial area. sex.
by gregls January 18, 2008
Sex is one of the greatest experiences in life. It gets you hard,horny and all that other great stuff. Sex is made for men and women but there is women and women sex and men and men sex. As they say

man+women= normal sex
man+man= wrong sex
women+women= fun to watch sex lol
Jennifer came over and told me to fuck her hard. So right away she took off her clothes and I shoved my dick up her virgina. We both said i finally lost my virginity. It felt so good to have sex i just wanted to keep doing it but i ran out of sperm.
by Fuckme23 May 14, 2009

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