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Men and women can enjoy this together. But while doing this, make sure to not make babies! Use a condam every time or suffer the consequences of HERPES!! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!
One day, when I was eating a sandwitch, a girl came up to me and asked me if i wanted to have a good time. I said, I LOVE GOOD TIMES! HOOK ME UP BIATCH! First, she gave me a hand job. At first, she was squeezing a lttle too hard. I was dissapointed at this, so I told her to let off a little. Eventually, she got used to the form. The rest of the time, we simply licked each other in innapropriate places like the penal area and the vaginal area and the breastial area. sex.
by gregls January 18, 2008
Sex is one of the greatest experiences in life. It gets you hard,horny and all that other great stuff. Sex is made for men and women but there is women and women sex and men and men sex. As they say

man+women= normal sex
man+man= wrong sex
women+women= fun to watch sex lol
Jennifer came over and told me to fuck her hard. So right away she took off her clothes and I shoved my dick up her virgina. We both said i finally lost my virginity. It felt so good to have sex i just wanted to keep doing it but i ran out of sperm.
by Fuckme23 May 14, 2009
Sex. noun, alternative for the word "sexy." Similiar to the Paris Hilton's usage of "that's hot." Or that girl on SWEET SIXTEEN's "That's juicy." Formula:adjective-suffix. aka. Sexy- sex, Sketchy-sketch, etc. America is too current for adjectives/adverbs/and verbs.
Molly:Wow, Alexa that's a really sex thong you're wearing, too bad everyone can see it you BAR SKANK!
by Maddforg February 14, 2007
Something that women call love.
Dude: Hey wanna have sex?

Chick: Omggg you have beautiful eyes, yes lets have sex.

Dude: Ok, bend over then *10 minutes later walks off never to be seen again*
by PooFart August 10, 2007
to spank someone relly hard
i sexed her
by the G85747 May 01, 2009
A Sex Ex... S-EX

The name given to a person you had sex with but didnt date. instead of calling them an Ex, you call them a sEX

Commonly used when you've had sex with a friend and then it goes sour. Or someone you serially shagged but never dated.. As in a casual sex arrangement that ended.
Hey, remember my sex, Richard? He was the best I've had!
by blackrabbit January 05, 2006
(1)when a male inserts his penis into a females vagina
(2)the thing your parents called the birds and the bees
(3)act with the goal of procreation
(1)Have sex with me, please!
(2)Ask your mother what sex is.
(3)We had sex and now im pregnant!
by thatswhatisaid December 09, 2006