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The Meaning of Life.
What is Sex? See Above duh.
by Raz94 August 24, 2007
23 58
a guy and a girl having sexual intercoarse
skyler: hey u want to hav sex
j.j: ya wat time?
skyler: rite now cuz im horny n i want u so bad
j.j: ok im intering yur apartment
skyler: kk im on the bed ready n naked for u to com hav sex wit me.
j.j: nockin on ur bedroom door
skyler: come in sexy( i shout in a sexual voice)
j.j: i walk in an aproach u n a sexy way
skyler: my legs are open n ready for u to eat me up
j.j: 1st i lick ur boobs bottom to top goin slowly down
skyler: hurry up n jus lick my pussy
j.j: ok im eatin u out
skyler: uhhhhh mmmmmm lick it baby!! it feels so good!!
j.j: (after im done) i put my dik in ur pussy
skyler: k im ready u nasty boy!!
j.j: o yah baby u like that??
skyler: yah baby!!( moanin) faster!! fuck me harder uhhhh!!
j.j: (sqweling) the bed is sqeekin really fastly ma dik is so hard!!
skyler: i think u poped my cherry!! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh HUUH! DIS IS UR PUSSY BITCH!! NOW FUCK IT LYK U NEVA DID BEFORE!!
J.J: DAMN GIRL!! ur a hard bitch u like it rough!!
skyler: (da next day!!) done!!
by skyler1001 June 20, 2009
13 49
The best feeling in the world, and when done right, you feel so relived afterward. I perfer doggy-style. But all the time, i like it rough. I like to be unable to hold in my screams and moans. I love my hair pulled. and in return i give the guys the best blow-job they've EVER recieved in there life, I deepthroat and lick their balls at the same time, then take their load with a giggling smile and ask for more. =]]
Guys call me, i got them on lock! They want my pussy and im more than willing to go on a sex spree =]]
by <33<33 February 03, 2009
72 108
the act of inpregnating a woman through sex
Man, I inpregnated that woman by having sex with her!
by Urbancontrol August 19, 2009
8 45
something you do when your happy and you want love.
harold:i want to have sex, RIGHT NOW!
little child: oh yes.. give me some candy
harold:fuck yes!!!

by chicken food April 17, 2009
6 44
Wow u dumbass, are you really looking up sex right now?!?!?!
well retard heres the meaning:

Man... I will never have sex!!
by muahaha<3 November 24, 2010
20 58
if you really came here to look up sex you little child.. or grown man/woman.. please out of the goodness of my heart and keeping your digity, just stop..
seriously... go play in traffic... sex
by victoria bee December 15, 2008
18 58