Best thing ever. End of story.
Okay, so sex is messy and unpredictable sometimes but it's still the best thing ever.
by Harlan Huynh April 22, 2007
A song that I definetly like by Lyfe Jennings, in which the song is telling you NOT to have sex, rather than most rap songs.
S.E.X. Isn't a good thing in some cases.
by Pink Yoshi! January 22, 2007
The starter of all problems. Consequences: unplanned pregnancy, dropouts, disease, the end of "fun", second guessing of relationships, pornstars, whorism and sluttiness, a baby, Juno, etc. Etc. There's a 5% chance of sex turning out for the better.
Sex caused my start to parenthood.
by doza13 May 27, 2011
Up the ass
Down the throat
In-between the legs
Out comes the baby
I had sex last night
by BIllllIIIIiiiiii!!!!!!!!! October 12, 2008
Oxford dictionary decripes sex as one male injects his fluid into a female, the dictionary also says this can result in a baby if the correct protection is not used.BUT WHO CARES WHAT THOOSE DICK HEADS THINK, THEY WOULDN'T KNOW A DICK IF IT CAME UP get the rest.
(come on babe, we might has well it feels way better without it)
by Un known June 03, 2005
wow really?
i swear how do yu not know what this is?
and if yur looking it up cause yu wanna

get horny and shiit then wow get a lyfe
who ever us reading this obviously cant get some
so they read bout sex here!

get a lyfe .. for real!
by wow, really? February 15, 2010
an activity in which a man inserts his erect or stiff penis into a woman's vagina (aka pussy). he then may move it in or out
i was talking with my boyfriend the other day when he suddenly backed me against the wall and began to remove his pants. i removed all my clothes and we began to have sex.
by ttyl December 20, 2007

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