1.(V): act of having sex

2.(Adj): very good thing
1. Tommy: What are you doing later?
Billy: Sexing with my girlfriend.

2. Tommy: How was your night last night?
Billy: Sex
by amoney66 March 17, 2008
When a man's penis comes hard he puts it in a ladys vagina. then the hard penis sneezes milk in the ladys tummy. and after its all done sneezing milk, the penis stops being hard. and then the man looses interest in the lady. this is called sex.
Watch the episode of south park called erection day And you will understand. its about sex and erections. learn it little boys.
by Patrick McLaughlin-Smith October 13, 2006
The best thing ever invented
We had sex it's fucking awesome
by I'm not drunk im intocixated December 20, 2008
Better than heaven.
Sex feels great!
by vaginagirlandpenisboy May 07, 2012
Where a man sticks his hard cock into a woman's pussy or a man's anus, depending if you're gay or straight.

Sex can be pleasurable for both men and women. Sex qualifies as eating a girl out, blow job and anal sex.
Man 1: Yo, guess what I did last night?

Man 2: I don't know, dude. Tell me.

Man 1: I had sex with a busty babe. She also had the tightest pussy.

Man 2: Have her call me, I wanna have sex.
by RawrItzAlex August 16, 2009
When usually a female and a male have intercourse and the male injects its penis inside a females vagina

When a male injects its penis into another males rectum

When a female injects its finger or fingers into another females vagina
the couple might orgasm while going through this process of sex
by lala3616 July 01, 2009
Name: Lysander
Age: 22
Sex: YES
by lysanderwrath August 27, 2008

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