good and fun
I'm waiting til college to have sex, that's when girls look the best.
by KiLLBoDiEs3066 May 01, 2010
something your to young or old to do
mom:your too young to have sex
by ;alskd April 15, 2009
good pasta.
that was the best sex ever.
by englishland January 18, 2009
A word that describes something uber cool.
Instead of saying wow that shit is cool.

i say damn thats sex!!
by sidviciousshoodadumpednancy4me November 17, 2008
something hank will never experience
me: "Hank you get laid yet?"

hank: "No girl wants to have sex with me"

me: "of course not..."
by kozlow September 04, 2008
The greatest thing on earth.
Would You like to have sex?
Hell yeah!
by masterjhatz May 28, 2008
When two or more individuals engage in an act which brings pleasure and desire to all participants and can leave all parties wanting more.
A man and woman, man and man, woman and woman or collection greater than two of men and women please each other sexually.
by JessT April 08, 2008

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