Getting banged at a high school dance, preferably a prep school, by a large guy in a full gorilla suit, in the middle of the dance floor.
Jealous Guy- "Dude, Mr. Gorilla, you just went so hard on that bangin blonde!"

Mr. Gorilla- "That, m'boy, is the definition of sex. Take notes."
Mr. Gorilla then procedes to bang every girl there, never stoppng.
by Mr. Gorilla is Bangin October 27, 2011
to have sex, to have sexual intercourse
Anna and Becky had sex in the back seat.

(Jin watched, Sara JIZZED.)
by Kereko March 20, 2011
Something you'll never have.
Something you'll never have. E.G: Sex.
by S A P N December 23, 2010
Boy 1: Dude, sex is awesome.

Boy 2: Yeah, I know man.
by sexytime123 January 23, 2010
something i could never stop thinking about
I really wanna have SEX some of the girls in my school...
by The Chariot October 20, 2007
good and fun
I'm waiting til college to have sex, that's when girls look the best.
by KiLLBoDiEs3066 May 01, 2010
something your to young or old to do
mom:your too young to have sex
by ;alskd April 15, 2009

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