that was sex!
by yoooon March 23, 2010
When a man pokes a woman with long stick until white gooey milk things pop out (Commonly known as Sperm). This peculiar action is repeated until the man is satisfied or the woman's Vaginal area or anus is ripped apart.
Typical sex with a black man.

Man: let me poke you with my 10inch
Woman: OK, just don't rip me apart!


Woman: You ripped me you prick
Man: Oops.
by Mr 11 inch December 03, 2009
A game while driving down the road, screaming "sex" at passing cars with one headlight out.
Sabrina: Sex!!!!

Maddie: Wtf sabrina i thought that was a vagina!

Sabrina: no maddie, a vagina is when the parking lights are only on.

Maddie: Sabrina, you suck

Sabrina: Bite me!
by Maddiefuckinfox October 14, 2009
Where a boy, shoves his dick up a girl's vagina, untill he feels satisfied.
Having sex is an amazing feeling :D
by Lousalitous August 03, 2009
something the wow community barely get to level up in.
guy 1 - "my gf wanted sex last night"
guy 2 - "whats that some kind of cake?"
guy 1 - "...what armour is that you got on?"
by tehrussbus November 23, 2008
when a man shoves his penis in to the girls vag
there i was i knocked on jens door and it swong open there jen was eating out her friend colleen i becam so dam horney i just sat there and watched them for 30 minutes then i told colleen to like in a doog positing and for jen to go on top of her i started to fuck them in and out from colleen to jen on and on
the shannon came in her pussy was soaking wet i tickeled it and i knew that she was going to have the best orgasm so i begam to fuck her i knew that when i fucked her i would start cumming then i would give everyone facials

i talk about that night to all my friends that sex was the best night of my life
by Shan101 July 22, 2008
Great pleasure of all between the two genders. A male's penis pleases females alot by sticking there penis in and out of the vagina alot over and over, sticking the testicle into a woman's mouth to suck on, or stick the penis up her ass. For a woman: She lays on a bed etc. and let the men touch anything. Then she would lick the penis giving pleasure. Pleasure is reached when your sex-mate moans. Then both of you would lose your virginity.
The hot, great, sex lasted a dat because Ryan kept sticking his penis up Kathleen's vagina with great pleasure. They moaned alot. Then Kathleen laid spread-eagle on a bea with only her lacy black bra and red panties. Ryan took off evrything on him and her and started licking her breasts, and with his hands he kept tickling her vulva having fun. This was repeated.
by Sexy thing June 04, 2005

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