1)the best thing in the world.
2)inserting a man's dick into a genital hole of another. most commonly the pussy of a woman or the anus of another man.
He stuck it in me hard. I swear, that sex last night was the best ever!
by crowg May 02, 2007
funny movements unbecoming of a philosopher
imagine dignified Immanuel Kant having an intercourse...
by Mateusz June 21, 2005
used to describe a very enjoyable event that had occured or is yet to occur
Amy- That gig last night was sex!

Ellie- The party tommrow night is gonna be sex!
by Lankstar November 24, 2008
When people egage in activities that involve the penis, and the vagina, resulting in pleasure, or without protection; STD's, or pregnancy of a baby who looks nothing like you, and looks like the boy who had sex with you and left when he found out she had a lifeform in her uterus.
Damn, they had sex. They had sex goooood..
by ganjagabit May 18, 2008
What a man and women do for both love and pleasure.
Lets have sex baby girl
by HornDog81 August 01, 2007
two ppl coming together and making love or fucking
I had finshed cooking when my boyfriend took me right.He carried me to the bed and i rip his clothes off.I took charge and mounted him.I Used my hips and moved ina circular motion .Then i bent backwards and felt his cock inside me more.after hours of that he went to work and i was happy.That was the best sex i had ever had
by bloody vampire April 29, 2007
Best thing ever. End of story.
Okay, so sex is messy and unpredictable sometimes but it's still the best thing ever.
by Harlan Huynh April 22, 2007

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