A sweet physical convulsion shared with an interesting partner.
At one point, during sex, the beautiful girl raised her arms in the air as if trying to touch the moon and moaned.
by Martin Irving June 26, 2009
amazing time
One night I went home to meet my boyfriend after work. When I rang the doorbell he opened the door. his dick was hanging out of his boxers and he called my name. Jane!! I immediately caught on to his mood and loved the moaning that came from his throat. We were kissing and he set me on the couter and started taking off my top. it couldn't be fast enough...so i helped him. he carried me to the couch because we couldn't making it to the bedroom. he fucked me so hard my clit was pulsing. my orgasm sent pleasure through my body. he continued humping and started screaming. HARDER!!!!!!!FASTER!!I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!!HARDER!!!!YESSS!!YESSSS!!!MIKE YESSS!!!!and i had another orgasm. there were 5 more after that. that was sex
by sexgods June 25, 2009
where a girl and a guy fuck each other
usually a guy puts his penis in a girls vagina
there are other variations of it too
Scut Gaga: have sex with me girl!!
Melisa Warmer:hell no, your dick is microscopic dude!
by Big D wit Uzi March 05, 2009
to sex someone is to have sex
this could be over the internet or in the physical aspect
it is a modern way of saying t have sex thid is the present pretense ie sexing
*laura sexes louise*
by lpm90 May 21, 2008
Pronounced es-X The sex you have with an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend after you have broken up with them.
I saw my ex girlfreind lana at the bar last night. We talked for a while, and old feelings started to come back. One thing led to another, and before you knew it, we were on my bedroom floor having S-EX!
by Brittany T April 24, 2008
Human activity that for most women is similar to weekend shopping at the supermarket.
A lot of frantic pushing and shoving with little to show for it in the end
Sex crazed Man to Woman in supermarket. Hi, can I push this up the rear entrance.

Woman to Man. Thank you young man from there on it's downhill to the car-park
by Tonybeak September 30, 2005
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