is the best known thing on earth.
i had the best sex last night. ohhh yea ggrrr
by the number one hoe October 15, 2008
to sex someone is to have sex
this could be over the internet or in the physical aspect
it is a modern way of saying t have sex thid is the present pretense ie sexing
*laura sexes louise*
by lpm90 May 21, 2008
sex is a wonderful pleasure. Its beuatiful. its hard to explain. how about its when a dickor penis is shoved into the females vagina to make a baby. Really meant for two lovers who really love eachother enough to make something so special. Or two horney assholes who just have sex to be cool.
I totally fucked up jenny
fucked means sex.
It's smurufin'tacular. It is where a man takes his ramalamadindong and puts it in a girl's shalababala. Many things can be used to increase this pleasure: condoms, dildos, and STDs. Usually performed by members of the opposite sex. Usually the end product is a baby and a lifetime commitment.
Sex is awesome and fun.
by Aristotle Mastroianni March 14, 2007
This is when the Bear Goes into the dark cave of magical mysteries.
Dude, I put my bear into a cave!" "You mean sex?
by J0hney Ca$h April 09, 2011
1) a common past time

2)ANY BODY WHO IS READING THIS IS PERVERTED (i will admit it is way fun but seriously)
mary had sex with a carebear. screw the examplesex. Damn these things have so many rules. "sex" sex
by (empty) December 30, 2008
1. The type or gender of something

2. To strip down in front of the opposite gender and fuck each other
"OO baby. o ya lets hav sex!"
by ??? February 18, 2005

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