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The act of Shoveing a penis into a female vagina until one reaches pleasure.
After a long night of partying I went home piss drunk. As soon as i got home i took my clothes of and headed for my room. Before i got into bed i found a sweet surprise. two girls i met at the party were waiting for me on my bed, naked, and begging me to join them. I couldnt resist. I jumped in and started humping the blonde one ferociously. after a while i turned around and did the brunette. Their hairless pussys allowed me to slide my dick flawlessly in and out. The blonde started licking my balls, and i was having so much pleasure. They both jumped on my chest and i was eating pussy. They were so wet by the time i was through with them. it was the best sex i had ever had.
by xxJoeyxx March 23, 2009
an activity in which a man inserts his erect or stiff penis into a woman's vagina (aka pussy). he then may move it in or out
i was talking with my boyfriend the other day when he suddenly backed me against the wall and began to remove his pants. i removed all my clothes and we began to have sex.
by ttyl December 20, 2007
what every 12 year old dreams 'bout
12 year old 1: OMG!!!!!
1: i just cant wait for sex!!!
2: me too!!!!
by a boy 4 ever February 15, 2007
A very fun activity! lol
I had sex last night and like one hour ago!
by pEngU!n June 16, 2005
when a man shoves his penis into a womens fagina. the man ans women get peasure out of this action. that is the short explanation of sex
Mimi was walking down the college frat hallway looking for her boyfriend matt. She walked into his room where he was only wearing his boxers. “Mimi? What are you doing here?
Mimi ran over to him and started kissing him passionately. The passionate kissing turned into matt ripping off Mimi’s shirt with his muscular arms. Matt pulled away to go lock the door and then pushed Mimi onto his bed where she said, “Come fuck me baby!!!!”
Matt got on top of her and unbuttoned her jeans and took them off. Mimi then turned him over and took off his boxers so he was butt naked. Then matt unstrapped her sexy bra and through it across the room. He was on top of her now and massaging her boobs while they kissed aggressively. He stopped and moved down to her pubic area where she was still wearing a thong. He grabbed the edges of her thong and pulled it off of her and dropped it on the ground. They were now both naked and licking each other and kissing and massaging. mimi gave matt a blow job to get his penis hard.
Matt got on top of mimi and shoved his dick into her vagina and she moaned with pleasure and screamed at the top of her lungs, “DON’T STOP BABY!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! KEEP GOING HARDER HARDER!!!”
They were so wet by this time and this did not stop for atleast two hours. near the end of the 2 hours matt was sucking on mimis boobs and then he ate her out and she did the same to him. They finally fell asleep with mimi laying on top of matt.
by mimi the slut!!! May 09, 2008
What your parents did and later regretted to create you.
Your Mom: Damn, I wish I practiced abstinence.
Your Dad: Damn, I wish I used a condom.

Imagine your mom and dad having freaky sex as old people.
by Tony Huynh April 14, 2008
the greatest thing on the planet.

has many different branches to it including:
anal sex
oral sex
hot sex
orgasmic sex

you can define it yourself

I had some (blank) sex last night.
by Greg Papoose March 28, 2007