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To masturbate with a vagina.
Sex is way better than using my hand!!!!!
by Truelove February 26, 2008
17 40
The meaning of life.
penis vagina sex. vagina vagina sex you get the deal
by OH YA November 20, 2007
20 43
this is wen a cok enters a vage and at least one of you comes, girls are famous for taking it too seriously, and guys for not taking it seriously enough.but hey its fun for all the family. just remember...Keep It Safe Dont Rape
foolish gal: we had sex and he said he loved me and wanted to be me forever
rational gal: yer,good luk with tht,u fool
by rational gal June 07, 2005
12 35
to make yourself some children
babY!! sex
by sdfhsuhdfjajk February 06, 2009
45 70
The pleasure experienced between a man and a woman when the penis is inserted into the vagina, ass hole, or mouth.
O Jim I love it when you stick your hot dick in my vagina and we make hot sex.
by cotie January 04, 2009
8 33
when u put ur thing in her pussy and u start fucking
i went to my gf's house and we took off our clothes. we had sex in her parents bed and it was pleasurable
by kreamy August 27, 2008
23 49
A kind of cake used for fucking a monkey in the rectum
sex in poop
by john teabager March 02, 2009
7 34