something people do when they're bored or they want to stay warm
i'm cold and bored. lets have sex.
by dirtbikechick October 03, 2008
see disappointment
wow, that was way overhyped (what most everyone secretly feels about most sex)
by hot_soup July 10, 2008
u have to be retarded to not know what sex is...come on
Mary: wanna have sex
Tom: huh whats that
by vbobos johnson April 14, 2008
sausage in onion ring
yum your sausage in my onion ring is some goooood sex
by lauraisawordsienctist February 18, 2008
if your looking at this right now........get your mind out of the gutters and get a life!
i had sex with your mom
by Thisbe Your Girl March 10, 2011
Where a boy, shoves his dick up a girl's vagina, untill he feels satisfied.
Having sex is an amazing feeling :D
by Lousalitous August 03, 2009
when a dude sticks his dick in a girls pussy. nuff said? nope! he pulls it in and out, in and out, in and out, untill the girl says to stop. and when she says to stop he doesnt. he cums in her. she gets pregnant, kicked out, etc. dude leaves girl and her life becomes a living nightmare.
-boy and girl have sex-
girl-dont cum in me!
boy-too late.
2 months later
girl- im pregnant
by AnnaleighxCore;; February 24, 2008

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