1. The type or gender of something

2. To strip down in front of the opposite gender and fuck each other
"OO baby. o ya lets hav sex!"
by ??? February 18, 2005
This is when the Bear Goes into the dark cave of magical mysteries.
Dude, I put my bear into a cave!" "You mean sex?
by J0hney Ca$h April 09, 2011
that was sex!
by yoooon March 23, 2010
When a man pokes a woman with long stick until white gooey milk things pop out (Commonly known as Sperm). This peculiar action is repeated until the man is satisfied or the woman's Vaginal area or anus is ripped apart.
Typical sex with a black man.

Man: let me poke you with my 10inch
Woman: OK, just don't rip me apart!


Woman: You ripped me you prick
Man: Oops.
by Mr 11 inch December 03, 2009
When a male inserts his penis into the vagina of a female for reproduction or sexual gratification.

If it's not a real penis, in a real vagina, it's just masturbation or foreplay.
Eric and John are gay and have never been with a woman, so they have never really had sex.
by Spydr May 17, 2009
something the wow community barely get to level up in.
guy 1 - "my gf wanted sex last night"
guy 2 - "whats that some kind of cake?"
guy 1 - "...what armour is that you got on?"
by tehrussbus November 23, 2008
where a man inserts his penis into a girls vagina.
I had sex with this hot chick the other day, it was so good.
by freddyyyyyyyy October 17, 2008

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