Ya know what? Heres the real question. Why the fuck did you look this up? You might have just wanted to learn but, seriously? Thats creepy af. I must admit though, searching up weird things on the Urban Dictionary is pretty fun.
Daniel: Damn man, i just had sex...
Jaxon: Why the fuck are you telling me this. I don't even know you.

Daniel: Well, this is awkward...
Jaxon: Yeah, no shit sherlock
by ThatOneWeirdPerson July 05, 2016
What most people do on their coffee breaks. And/or when they're meant to be looking after children, but maybe that was just in a book...
"Having sex with a prostitute might give you an STD" claims leading paediatrician
by Legolas Redbard January 24, 2016
No, just no, if you're looking up sex on the urban dictionary then you're either too young to know or so immature that's it's for the best you never find out.
Let's look up sex in a dictionary!

So that's why he's still a virgin at 35.
by tomo0601 September 21, 2015
The thing mommy and daddy did to make you.
"Your mother and I had sex. So in a few months, you'll have a baby brother or sister. If it's neither or both, mommy and daddy will just have to try again. If it ends up looking 'darker' than you mommy and myself, I'll teach you all about DNA testing."
by bigmak93 July 21, 2014
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