when a man and a woman feel very passionate for each other. They have sex to show it. When a man sticks his penis into a vagina. Is sex.
I was walking in my house my shirt half off,when my man came out of the bathroom soaking wet from the shower and his penis hanging out. he ran over to me,picked me up and put me on the bed. i started to take the rest of my shirt off and he finished with my pants. i was naked. when the doorbell rang. He walked over to the door. And this hot blond was standing there. She was asking for us. i came over and she said she wanted some. We let her in and me and her started making out while my mam was pleasuring himself. The blond finally asked me for both of us to eat her out. we gladly agreed. and started. then my man and i got really horny and had sex with the blond now pleasuring herself. after that the blond and my man had sex and i pleasured myself. Cum everywhere on all of us. i swallowed the blond's and my mans. and same for them. we then preceded into a threesome. and got really horny. i ate the blond out three times all together.The blonde ate me out five times. and we had two threesomes. Me and my man had sex one last time then we all fell asleep. We had a very horny day.
by wooooootwoooot! October 20, 2008
sex is a wonderful pleasure. Its beuatiful. its hard to explain. how about its when a dickor penis is shoved into the females vagina to make a baby. Really meant for two lovers who really love eachother enough to make something so special. Or two horney assholes who just have sex to be cool.
I totally fucked up jenny
fucked means sex.
Great pleasure of all between the two genders. A male's penis pleases females alot by sticking there penis in and out of the vagina alot over and over, sticking the testicle into a woman's mouth to suck on, or stick the penis up her ass. For a woman: She lays on a bed etc. and let the men touch anything. Then she would lick the penis giving pleasure. Pleasure is reached when your sex-mate moans. Then both of you would lose your virginity.
The hot, great, sex lasted a dat because Ryan kept sticking his penis up Kathleen's vagina with great pleasure. They moaned alot. Then Kathleen laid spread-eagle on a bea with only her lacy black bra and red panties. Ryan took off evrything on him and her and started licking her breasts, and with his hands he kept tickling her vulva having fun. This was repeated.
by Sexy thing June 04, 2005
1. The type or gender of something

2. To strip down in front of the opposite gender and fuck each other
"OO baby. o ya lets hav sex!"
by ??? February 18, 2005
This is when the Bear Goes into the dark cave of magical mysteries.
Dude, I put my bear into a cave!" "You mean sex?
by J0hney Ca$h April 09, 2011
that was sex!
by yoooon March 23, 2010
When a man pokes a woman with long stick until white gooey milk things pop out (Commonly known as Sperm). This peculiar action is repeated until the man is satisfied or the woman's Vaginal area or anus is ripped apart.
Typical sex with a black man.

Man: let me poke you with my 10inch
Woman: OK, just don't rip me apart!


Woman: You ripped me you prick
Man: Oops.
by Mr 11 inch December 03, 2009

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