if your looking at this right now........get your mind out of the gutters and get a life!
i had sex with your mom
by Thisbe Your Girl March 10, 2011
Where a boy, shoves his dick up a girl's vagina, untill he feels satisfied.
Having sex is an amazing feeling :D
by Lousalitous August 03, 2009
when a dude sticks his dick in a girls pussy. nuff said? nope! he pulls it in and out, in and out, in and out, untill the girl says to stop. and when she says to stop he doesnt. he cums in her. she gets pregnant, kicked out, etc. dude leaves girl and her life becomes a living nightmare.
-boy and girl have sex-
girl-dont cum in me!
boy-too late.
2 months later
girl- im pregnant
by AnnaleighxCore;; February 24, 2008
A game while driving down the road, screaming "sex" at passing cars with one headlight out.
Sabrina: Sex!!!!

Maddie: Wtf sabrina i thought that was a vagina!

Sabrina: no maddie, a vagina is when the parking lights are only on.

Maddie: Sabrina, you suck

Sabrina: Bite me!
by Maddiefuckinfox October 14, 2009
when a man shoves his penis in to the girls vag
there i was i knocked on jens door and it swong open there jen was eating out her friend colleen i becam so dam horney i just sat there and watched them for 30 minutes then i told colleen to like in a doog positing and for jen to go on top of her i started to fuck them in and out from colleen to jen on and on
the shannon came in her pussy was soaking wet i tickeled it and i knew that she was going to have the best orgasm so i begam to fuck her i knew that when i fucked her i would start cumming then i would give everyone facials

i talk about that night to all my friends that sex was the best night of my life
by Shan101 July 22, 2008
Getting banged at a high school dance, preferably a prep school, by a large guy in a full gorilla suit, in the middle of the dance floor.
Jealous Guy- "Dude, Mr. Gorilla, you just went so hard on that bangin blonde!"

Mr. Gorilla- "That, m'boy, is the definition of sex. Take notes."
Mr. Gorilla then procedes to bang every girl there, never stoppng.
by Mr. Gorilla is Bangin October 27, 2011
to have sex, to have sexual intercourse
Anna and Becky had sex in the back seat.

(Jin watched, Sara JIZZED.)
by Kereko March 20, 2011

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