Honestly, why would you waste your time looking up sex in the Urban Dictonary.
Almost everyone had health class and should know sex is used for:
-making children
Sally: Whatchaa doin Lace.
Lacey: Well looking up Sex in the Urban Dictionary
Sally: why you hornbag, we had health
Lacey: Well i though it be easier if i had a full explination
Sally: T.T whatever
Lacey: -clicks- Sex : when a mans penis inserts to a ladys vag.
Sally: ohh wow such description
Lacey: yup, I am looking for the perfect one
Sally: okay then.see you
Lacey: byee<3
3 hours later
Sally: hey lets go to the park
Lacey: 'is on page 29' no thank still lookin
Sally: jeeez. you waste yo time
Lacey: bye
Sally: hoe oh look Sex
by Mooshiee<3 March 28, 2009
The thing you could be having instead of looking up definitions for words like "Sex" on Urban Dictionary.
Get away from your computer screen, go to a club, meet a girl and have sex, instead of sitting here reading definitions for stupid words
by YOUzzzzzzzzzzzzz March 16, 2009
sex is when a male and a female of the same species get naked together, and the male puts his penis in the females vagina. then he humps her till he cums.
Guy: Lets have sex!
Girl: lets not.
by Dizzydaisy May 30, 2008
the meaning of life.
dude, i had sex last night. i guess i can die happy now.
by zombie fucker May 17, 2008
Everybody's goal in life.
Did you have sex yet?

How about now?
by El-Oh-El October 08, 2007
An activity originally enjoyed only by mature, married couples.
Nowadays you can't find a virgin teenager to save your life.
I pity all you poor souls ;;
by Cortana Dragoon June 17, 2005
Ya know what? Heres the real question. Why the fuck did you look this up? You might have just wanted to learn but, seriously? Thats creepy af. I must admit though, searching up weird things on the Urban Dictionary is pretty fun.
Daniel: Damn man, i just had sex...
Jaxon: Why the fuck are you telling me this. I don't even know you.

Daniel: Well, this is awkward...
Jaxon: Yeah, no shit sherlock
by ThatOneWeirdPerson July 05, 2016
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