Sex is math
Sex is like math:
You add the bed,
Subtract the

Clothes, Divide
The legs and pray
You don't

by U want porn I got u November 05, 2015
wtf u perv! why in the world would you do this! sigh, might as well look up porn! go to ur room ur mother and i are very dissapointed in you
wtf your still here?! GET OUT your mother is dissapointed in you searching sex
by xoxoxox666 May 14, 2015
When a male takes his penis an inserts his penis into a female's vagina an continues to fuck her repeatedly until one of them or both of then orgasms .
I fucked your mom last night. Forreal ? Yeah , BEST SEX EVERRRR
by Chyna_ April 06, 2015
The most amazing activity that everyone including their mothers partake in except for you. Sex is also the focus in movies, music, photography, paintings, and especially advertising. it is everywhere even the most unattractive people on this planet make it seem so easy that even you could do it. Some of the most successful adverts will have you believe product X will help you obtain sex if you purchase their product. Don't be fooled Sex is impossible to obtain but you are going to try anyway this is how it drives our society to be better.
The creepy man in the bushes is trying to have sex with me
by UUes September 15, 2014
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