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When a man sticks his penis in a woman's vagina or a man/woman's mouth.
I ditched school for the second half of the day, I hated all the teachers. Fuck my life. I took a trail in the woods home, when suddenly I was pinned to the ground. I looked up to see Ryan, the hottest boy in my school. His lips kissed mine and started to tongue me, and when He ripped his shirt off to reveal a six pack,I giggled, kissing down his chest as he pulled off my shirt. I wasn't wearing a bra, so he started to suck. Moaning, I started to take his pants off, his boxers sliding down with it. I stared in joy at the 9' cock in front of me, and teased him off, starting to lick the tip, sucking on it. He moaned and screamed "Faster!" So I bobbed my head back and forth, taking about five inches into my mouth with the first thrust, gaining an inch every time. Groaning, I stopped sucking and started to pull my own ants down, where he fingered me hungrily. "Just fuck me already!" And he did so, pulling off my thing and at first teased me with it, before slamming his cock into my vagina, all 9'. Moaned and screamed, and he thrusted faster and faster until we both came and lay on the floor, and we made out again.
by True Story 899997 February 15, 2012
29 43
good and fun
I'm waiting til college to have sex, that's when girls look the best.
by KiLLBoDiEs3066 May 01, 2010
4 17
something your to young or old to do
mom:your too young to have sex
by ;alskd April 15, 2009
5 18
The act of Shoveing a penis into a female vagina until one reaches pleasure.
After a long night of partying I went home piss drunk. As soon as i got home i took my clothes of and headed for my room. Before i got into bed i found a sweet surprise. two girls i met at the party were waiting for me on my bed, naked, and begging me to join them. I couldnt resist. I jumped in and started humping the blonde one ferociously. after a while i turned around and did the brunette. Their hairless pussys allowed me to slide my dick flawlessly in and out. The blonde started licking my balls, and i was having so much pleasure. They both jumped on my chest and i was eating pussy. They were so wet by the time i was through with them. it was the best sex i had ever had.
by xxJoeyxx March 23, 2009
48 61
good pasta.
that was the best sex ever.
by englishland January 18, 2009
43 56
A word that describes something uber cool.
Instead of saying wow that shit is cool.

i say damn thats sex!!
by sidviciousshoodadumpednancy4me November 17, 2008
6 19
something hank will never experience
me: "Hank you get laid yet?"

hank: "No girl wants to have sex with me"

me: "of course not..."
by kozlow September 04, 2008
15 28