Pronounced es-X The sex you have with an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend after you have broken up with them.
I saw my ex girlfreind lana at the bar last night. We talked for a while, and old feelings started to come back. One thing led to another, and before you knew it, we were on my bedroom floor having S-EX!
by Brittany T April 24, 2008
Human activity that for most women is similar to weekend shopping at the supermarket.
A lot of frantic pushing and shoving with little to show for it in the end
Sex crazed Man to Woman in supermarket. Hi, can I push this up the rear entrance.

Woman to Man. Thank you young man from there on it's downhill to the car-park
by Tonybeak September 30, 2005
When a man sticks hos cock in a women's vagina.

Jenny and I were roommates but had lesbian sex together. We both had crushes on different guys though so we invited them over. We told them we would show them what we do at night. Instead, we began to play a game. Every time, Jenny and I had an orgasm, the guys had to take off an article of clothing. So as me and Jen striped down and started making out. I began to crouch down and sucked her left breast while she squeezed mine. I bit down on her hard nipple and she gasped and had her first orgasm the boys removed their shorts.When she was down I lowered myself to her crouch and began to lick up her cum not ready to lick her clit but around. Then, as she moaned, I licked her clit. She gasped in pleasure and had another orgasm.
The boys removed their shorts, now only in boxers. I began to rub her clit with one hand,getting harder and harder. I put two fingers down her hole, in and out. She screamed my name and convulsed in her third orgasm. I swallowed all the cum while the boys took off their shorts and joined us. We separated and chose a guy. I got James and he was huge. His cock was 10 inches long and 2 inches wide. I put my mouth on the head. I licked as much as I could, like a lollipop. He picked me up and asked me if I was ready for the ride of my life. Then, his huge dick was in me. 5 inches in, 6 inches in, 7 inches in, 8 inches in, 9 inches in, this was the farthest anyone had ever gone before. Then he hit my G- spot at all 10 inches. I gasped in pleasure, felt an amazing orgasm, and we both cummed all over. I bounced my breasts in his face and he put his lips to my nipples. He really knew how to pleasure a girl. His dick brushed at my clit. I told him down, down and he did. He licked my clit and rubbed and rubbed before I knew it, I was sent in another orgasm. He put his dick in me again. For hours I screamed harder and faster. Over the night the entire dorm of girls had made their way to our room and was all fucking each other. We fucked as many people as we could. I must of had 60 orgasms and licked the titties of 50 girls, sucked 2 dicks, and drank A LOT of beer.

Best Sex Ever!!!!
by Monstair January 21, 2012
something you're not supposed to have until you're at least sixteen or people will judge you HARSHLY.
Something when a man sticks his you-know-what into a girl's you-know-where.
Can also be:
Man on man(anal)
gal on gal(oral, or something)
gal, gal and man(BJs, eating out and fucking)
man, man and gal(anal, vaginal and oral)
orgy(penises and vags everywhere going into or being fucked by almost anything)
usually embellished by blowjobs, boob sucking/licking/fondling, licking vag, kissing and more
remember, always use a condom if your a boy! you don't want to get STDs or get her pregnant
I kiss you softly.
You grab my waist and kiss me bac.
We begin frenching, you fondle my boobs through my shirt.
You gently toss me onto the bed, and begin to take off your shirt.
You get on top of me, and rip my shirt off, while I remove your pants and boxers.
I gasp, your dick is BIG. You take off my pants and underwear, fingering my vagina.
You slowly remove my bra, exposing my double c boobs.
I grab your penis and give you the best blowjob EVER.
You lick my vagina, while I moan and shout your name.
I let you get on top, and you slide your dick in and out, again, while you massage and lick my boobs.
I scream in pleasure while I have my first orgasm of the night, then we switch, and I ride you, my tits bouncing up and down, then I orgasm again and you get on top again.
After all kinds of sex, we settle down and you fondle my boobs while we make out
by meandmypervertedmind January 13, 2011
wrestling naked. 69. friction between naked bodies. nakedness. over 400 positions (get a book). use a glove.
stormi and dean or brittnee and tyler. ;) sex
by brittormitastic October 01, 2010
So amazingly hot, fantastic, gorgeous that they are equivalent to the embodiment of sex
Summer Spencer is the sex.
by Shtewkitteh August 09, 2010
Something beautiful that is enjoyed by men and women all over the world. When the PENIS enters the VAGINA, anus, or mouth. ORGASMS often occur!!! jizzorgasmic
I was having sex with this chick, and it was beautiful, I never felt so good, it made a mess but my penis was happy with the end result!! sexyoral sexvaginaorgasmpenis
by Sexy_bitch_69 January 13, 2010

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