A thing that people do to relive their hormones.

1. It feels really good.
2. It charges your energy

3. Its really healthy
I had amazing sex last night .
by Mary jb June 29, 2016
It was a long day for jakob got home from 10 straight hours of metal work carrie was standing at the door with no top and a tiny bottom just covering her vigina she said let's do it she sounded so excited I was excited to we got to our king size bed and I ripped off her tiny bottom and shoved her on the bed and it started my 8 inch penis in her vigina as hard as it could she was moaning so loud but she still said faster "FASTER FASTER FASTER" so I did I did it faster then I could do it to anyone it went on for about an hour then we stopped for a minute or 2 and she looked at my penis and said can i? I said go ahead excited. she got all the cum and I said my turn licking her vigina for about 30 mins. After that we barley wore clothes again unless we went out in public or people came to visit. Her curly bone hair was so beautiful I had a condem whenever I saw her to hump her in the anise or vigina and we had a great life
Beautiful sex
by somebody 17 July 16, 2016
What is the meaning of life u ask, well it involves two things make genitalia and female genitalia, basically u insert ur pencil into the sharpener and after ur done the pencil is smaller, this is because men secrete a liquid known to most people as semen. Semen is filled with microscopic children that make a home in the ladies vaginas and then a famine comes and only a couple survive... Those become your children... ENJOY
"whoa I had some good sex with that Latina hooker, and I was only $4.99"
"Wow Jerry that's cheap for sex"
by J-Hole/Mommabear420 September 12, 2016
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