A sweet physical convulsion shared with an interesting partner.
At one point, during sex, the beautiful girl raised her arms in the air as if trying to touch the moon and moaned.
by Martin Irving June 26, 2009
A form of currency in many cultures.
Mainly used for blackmail or revenge.
"Have sex with me and I won't tell your wife."
Similar to...
"Give me £1000 and I won't tell your wife."
by crabbyG May 29, 2009
JHO's hair. Used as an adjective to describe one thing so phenomenal that it's almost as good (or is in some cases) as sex.
"Your house is sex."

"Your car is sex on wheels."

"That person's hair is sex."

by JHOsgirl April 10, 2009
something the women and men enjoy but is more pleasure for women
sex:jack and jill went up the hill to get a pale of water who knows what they did up there and came down with a daughter. sing this in the yankey doodle toon.
by some person in some world April 03, 2009
Honestly, why would you waste your time looking up sex in the Urban Dictonary.
Almost everyone had health class and should know sex is used for:
-making children
Sally: Whatchaa doin Lace.
Lacey: Well looking up Sex in the Urban Dictionary
Sally: why you hornbag, we had health
Lacey: Well i though it be easier if i had a full explination
Sally: T.T whatever
Lacey: -clicks- Sex : when a mans penis inserts to a ladys vag.
Sally: ohh wow such description
Lacey: yup, I am looking for the perfect one
Sally: okay then.see you
Lacey: byee<3
3 hours later
Sally: hey lets go to the park
Lacey: 'is on page 29' no thank still lookin
Sally: jeeez. you waste yo time
Lacey: bye
Sally: hoe oh look Sex
by Mooshiee<3 March 28, 2009
The thing you could be having instead of looking up definitions for words like "Sex" on Urban Dictionary.
Get away from your computer screen, go to a club, meet a girl and have sex, instead of sitting here reading definitions for stupid words
by YOUzzzzzzzzzzzzz March 16, 2009
where a girl and a guy fuck each other
usually a guy puts his penis in a girls vagina
there are other variations of it too
Scut Gaga: have sex with me girl!!
Melisa Warmer:hell no, your dick is microscopic dude!
by Big D wit Uzi March 05, 2009

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