To define or describe something that is so amazing no other words can compare it as such. When used properly, it becomes gender neutral, where as the word "sexy" can be limiting as well as leaning towards gender specifics.

Looking as something (anything that's beyond a coined term of beautification) and calling it out as legitimately original!
Example 1

Person 1: "Damn yo, look at dat shit?!!"

Person 2: "Right?! be straight sex!"

Example 2

"Did you check out that artist's work?!!!....cause it was so scex!
by Mike-E Danger January 07, 2014
what you want to do if you are looking this up
i wanted to have sex so i told my girlfriend to meet me in the girls bathroom at 2. wen i got there she was there and we started making out with tongue. she ripped off my shirt revealing my rock hard 6 pack then she ripped off my pants and underwear revealing my rock hard 12 inch long 3 inch wide cock. she gave me a BJ while i stripped her revealing her 32 double D tits. after about 10 minutes a beautiful blond with 30 double D tits walked in and started to strip. she told me to eat her out. i gladly obliged. after 10 minutes i got up and fucked my girlfriend in pussy while she ate the blonde out. eventually i had to get some of the blonde and my gf switched roles with the blond and i eventually cummed and gave them both facials. then we left.
by awesomepguy January 07, 2012
When 2 men get together and bake a cake with their dicks in each others ass holes
Sukai and Seedot finally sexed!

what a buncha cakes
by Khak October 07, 2011
sex is a sensation caused by a temptation, a guy sticks his location in a girls destination to increase the population of the next generation, do you get my explanation or do you need a demonstration?
Sex isn't a word you should search on Urban Dictionary.
by Monkey Beer August 04, 2010
Doing some nasty stuff with a guy/girl which is wrong at a young age but fun when you know how.
by AGirlYouDon'tKnow April 02, 2010
someone can say this when they think somethings really good or plesurable...or reimnds them of sex.It can also just be another word for greatest thing ever. its an adjective
girl 1: wow this chocolate taste reall gud, here taste it.
girl 2: damn, yo, this chocolate is the sex!
by BrOoKlYn95 April 02, 2010
a great great place every boy man wants to go like heaven, better than heaven you shove the dick in the vagina and keep it moving
your mom and dad having special time (sex)
by Fuck0 March 15, 2010

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