the best thing in life; when a man pounds his penis into a girls crouch, causing her to yelp or moan.
man, me and cam had sex last night, and he rocks at putting his penis in the right spot!!
by camlover23 June 09, 2009
Sex is a sensation caused by temptation, when a male sticks him location in to a females destination to increase the population of the next generation, do you get my explanation or do you need my demonstration
...yumm sex :)
by Brittany allen :) May 13, 2009
what you want, what you got, what you need
I need sex
a thrust of power and passion all on one push
spewing love juice into the tunnel of love creating a huge eruption of orgasm
I would love to sit you down one night and get a real sex time with you in your place any time.
by abbey choe May 28, 2008
errotic pleasure between
1. a woman and a man, involving vagina and dick,
2. a woman and a woman, involving a vagina and anything they want to put in it, or
3. a man and a man, involving a dick and an asshole.
1. Girl: "I'd take you in my bed, then we would start kissing and our bodies would become closer to each other and I would begin to kiss your neck, then id take off your shirt, and id feel your torso and make sure you really were ripped. Then you would take off my shirt, and id help you with the bra, and youd caress my boobs as I pulled off your pants so that I was on top with you in your boxers. Then I would strip down and be totally nude and shaved, and I would slowly put my hand down your boxers, stimulate your dick, then take off your boxers. Holding your dick you would insert into my vagina, making sure to lightly graze my clit, and you would slowly but surely ease it in. I would hold my breath as you caressed my hips as I came down on you, and you pulled me closer so that we were very tight together, me lying on top of you. I would hold your shoulders for support and thrust my hips forward, being sure to help your dick hit my front wall so that I’m breathing heavily in excitement. We go faster and harder, in and out and your adrenaline is pulsing as we heave. The climax rises for both of us and we both feel the orgasm coming, but we don’t want it to end, so we slow down, breathing hard and catching our breath. then we re-arrange and im half-kneeling and your getting it in doggy-style and this new position hits you and me both in a new way and we bask in the pleasure that rises as you put it in. and out and in and faster and faster until we can't take it any longer and i fucking scream as you cum. we collapse together and hold on tight as we replay the passion and slow our breathing. ya... then we'd be done."
Guy: "thats hott sex"
2. Carrie had sex with Lindsay last night to turn on Joe and Bryan, isnt that retarded?
3. Phil had sex with Paul because they were life partners and loved each other.
by Emma_aint_high December 10, 2007
When a walrus takes your baby and eats it
What the heck i just had sex last night and now i have one less kid
by Steven Baily May 12, 2005
What appears in the 'related words' section if you type ANYTHING in the Urban Dictionary.
Male Kid 1: Hey, lets search up random things in the Urban Dictionary

Female Kid 1: Sure, search up star wars

Male Kid 1: *searches up star wars in the UD* hey look whats in the related words section

Female Kid 1: What

Male Kid 1: sex

*both stick their tongues out in disgust*

by DogeKing III May 17, 2016
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