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sex is a wonderful pleasure. Its beuatiful. its hard to explain. how about its when a dickor penis is shoved into the females vagina to make a baby. Really meant for two lovers who really love eachother enough to make something so special. Or two horney assholes who just have sex to be cool.
I totally fucked up jenny
fucked means sex.
It's smurufin'tacular. It is where a man takes his ramalamadindong and puts it in a girl's shalababala. Many things can be used to increase this pleasure: condoms, dildos, and STDs. Usually performed by members of the opposite sex. Usually the end product is a baby and a lifetime commitment.
Sex is awesome and fun.
by Aristotle Mastroianni March 14, 2007
Great pleasure of all between the two genders. A male's penis pleases females alot by sticking there penis in and out of the vagina alot over and over, sticking the testicle into a woman's mouth to suck on, or stick the penis up her ass. For a woman: She lays on a bed etc. and let the men touch anything. Then she would lick the penis giving pleasure. Pleasure is reached when your sex-mate moans. Then both of you would lose your virginity.
The hot, great, sex lasted a dat because Ryan kept sticking his penis up Kathleen's vagina with great pleasure. They moaned alot. Then Kathleen laid spread-eagle on a bea with only her lacy black bra and red panties. Ryan took off evrything on him and her and started licking her breasts, and with his hands he kept tickling her vulva having fun. This was repeated.
by Sexy thing June 04, 2005
that was sex!
by yoooon March 23, 2010
When a man pokes a woman with long stick until white gooey milk things pop out (Commonly known as Sperm). This peculiar action is repeated until the man is satisfied or the woman's Vaginal area or anus is ripped apart.
Typical sex with a black man.

Man: let me poke you with my 10inch
Woman: OK, just don't rip me apart!


Woman: You ripped me you prick
Man: Oops.
by Mr 11 inch December 03, 2009
something the wow community barely get to level up in.
guy 1 - "my gf wanted sex last night"
guy 2 - "whats that some kind of cake?"
guy 1 - "...what armour is that you got on?"
by tehrussbus November 23, 2008
is the best known thing on earth.
i had the best sex last night. ohhh yea ggrrr
by the number one hoe October 15, 2008