The thing that the horny bastard looking this up will never get.
Horney teenager - "Hey I'm lifeless and watch porn every time my parents are out of the house. My friend told me about this website and the first thing I'm gonna look up is sex because just the thought of it makes my little dick hard. I hope there is pictures, because i'm never actually gonna see anything like this in my life!"
by Tnthousndfsts99 October 25, 2009
When a man gets an erection he puts his dick into a girls pussy moving his hips back and forth.
Josh went over to mollys house and had sex with her untell she had an orgasm
by at34 August 27, 2009
The act me and your mother performed last night, and every night leading up to it.
by Taylor Alderman July 09, 2009
the best thing in life; when a man pounds his penis into a girls crouch, causing her to yelp or moan.
man, me and cam had sex last night, and he rocks at putting his penis in the right spot!!
by camlover23 June 09, 2009
Sex is a sensation caused by temptation, when a male sticks him location in to a females destination to increase the population of the next generation, do you get my explanation or do you need my demonstration
...yumm sex :)
by Brittany allen :) May 13, 2009
something the women and men enjoy but is more pleasure for women
sex:jack and jill went up the hill to get a pale of water who knows what they did up there and came down with a daughter. sing this in the yankey doodle toon.
by some person in some world April 03, 2009
what you want, what you got, what you need
I need sex
a thrust of power and passion all on one push
spewing love juice into the tunnel of love creating a huge eruption of orgasm
I would love to sit you down one night and get a real sex time with you in your place any time.
by abbey choe May 28, 2008
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