an act that usually occurs between a man and a woman if she doesn't have a "headache" pms or her rag, alternatively a sexual release for a guy if his partner isn't bitchy, pmsing, or on the rag
man 1) hey did you get any last night?
man 2) nah my girl had her rag
man1) shitty deal
man 2) nah not really, kinda the opposite
man 1) dude i thought we were talking about sex?
by L.E.Phant March 25, 2010
Something beautiful that is enjoyed by men and women all over the world. When the PENIS enters the VAGINA, anus, or mouth. ORGASMS often occur!!! jizzorgasmic
I was having sex with this chick, and it was beautiful, I never felt so good, it made a mess but my penis was happy with the end result!! sexyoral sexvaginaorgasmpenis
by Sexy_bitch_69 January 13, 2010
amazing time
One night I went home to meet my boyfriend after work. When I rang the doorbell he opened the door. his dick was hanging out of his boxers and he called my name. Jane!! I immediately caught on to his mood and loved the moaning that came from his throat. We were kissing and he set me on the couter and started taking off my top. it couldn't be fast i helped him. he carried me to the couch because we couldn't making it to the bedroom. he fucked me so hard my clit was pulsing. my orgasm sent pleasure through my body. he continued humping and started screaming. HARDER!!!!!!!FASTER!!I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!!!HARDER!!!!YESSS!!YESSSS!!!MIKE YESSS!!!!and i had another orgasm. there were 5 more after that. that was sex
by sexgods June 25, 2009
1) a common past time

2)ANY BODY WHO IS READING THIS IS PERVERTED (i will admit it is way fun but seriously)
mary had sex with a carebear. screw the examplesex. Damn these things have so many rules. "sex" sex
by (empty) December 30, 2008
when a man and a woman feel very passionate for each other. They have sex to show it. When a man sticks his penis into a vagina. Is sex.
I was walking in my house my shirt half off,when my man came out of the bathroom soaking wet from the shower and his penis hanging out. he ran over to me,picked me up and put me on the bed. i started to take the rest of my shirt off and he finished with my pants. i was naked. when the doorbell rang. He walked over to the door. And this hot blond was standing there. She was asking for us. i came over and she said she wanted some. We let her in and me and her started making out while my mam was pleasuring himself. The blond finally asked me for both of us to eat her out. we gladly agreed. and started. then my man and i got really horny and had sex with the blond now pleasuring herself. after that the blond and my man had sex and i pleasured myself. Cum everywhere on all of us. i swallowed the blond's and my mans. and same for them. we then preceded into a threesome. and got really horny. i ate the blond out three times all together.The blonde ate me out five times. and we had two threesomes. Me and my man had sex one last time then we all fell asleep. We had a very horny day.
by wooooootwoooot! October 20, 2008
thing that makes babies.

any baby born is the result of having sex.
billy: i had sex
jane: i had a baby
by baby maker pro April 29, 2008
Pronounced es-X The sex you have with an ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend after you have broken up with them.
I saw my ex girlfreind lana at the bar last night. We talked for a while, and old feelings started to come back. One thing led to another, and before you knew it, we were on my bedroom floor having S-EX!
by Brittany T April 24, 2008

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