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an Adj, to be used in a manner showing copious amounts of any good trait.
Dude that girl is like, Sex.
by Aaron, Dark March 16, 2009
to sex someone is to have sex
this could be over the internet or in the physical aspect
it is a modern way of saying t have sex thid is the present pretense ie sexing
*laura sexes louise*
by lpm90 May 21, 2008
1. The type or gender of something

2. To strip down in front of the opposite gender and fuck each other
"OO baby. o ya lets hav sex!"
by ??? February 18, 2005
The only thing remotely close to being as good as bacon.
Dude, did you have sex last night?

No, I had bacon instead, but I wanted sex too.
by catlovingmonkey August 19, 2012
something you're not supposed to have until you're at least sixteen or people will judge you HARSHLY.
Something when a man sticks his you-know-what into a girl's you-know-where.
Can also be:
Man on man(anal)
gal on gal(oral, or something)
gal, gal and man(BJs, eating out and fucking)
man, man and gal(anal, vaginal and oral)
orgy(penises and vags everywhere going into or being fucked by almost anything)
usually embellished by blowjobs, boob sucking/licking/fondling, licking vag, kissing and more
remember, always use a condom if your a boy! you don't want to get STDs or get her pregnant
I kiss you softly.
You grab my waist and kiss me bac.
We begin frenching, you fondle my boobs through my shirt.
You gently toss me onto the bed, and begin to take off your shirt.
You get on top of me, and rip my shirt off, while I remove your pants and boxers.
I gasp, your dick is BIG. You take off my pants and underwear, fingering my vagina.
You slowly remove my bra, exposing my double c boobs.
I grab your penis and give you the best blowjob EVER.
You lick my vagina, while I moan and shout your name.
I let you get on top, and you slide your dick in and out, again, while you massage and lick my boobs.
I scream in pleasure while I have my first orgasm of the night, then we switch, and I ride you, my tits bouncing up and down, then I orgasm again and you get on top again.
After all kinds of sex, we settle down and you fondle my boobs while we make out
by meandmypervertedmind January 13, 2011
A pumping of the penis into a vagina.
Allie was home alone. She was in her bedroom. She texted her boyfriend Robert to come over she said this night was going to be special! Once Robert arrived, Allie made out with him all the way to her room. They were both getting really turned on. They got naked and Allie saw Robert's 12 inch dick. It was huge!!! Then, Robert started fucking Allie. He made out with her while they fucked. When they were done, they just laid there in the bed and kissed. "I love you," said Robert. Allie said she loved him too. Then, she sucked his dick for an hour.

Soon Robert had to go. "I want you to stay..." Allie whispered to him. "I know. I want to stay too. But I have work." Robert said. Allie kissed him again. "But it can wait," Robert said. And they had sex for the rest of the day.
by Allie and Robert March 27, 2010
When a male inserts his penis into the vagina of a female for reproduction or sexual gratification.

If it's not a real penis, in a real vagina, it's just masturbation or foreplay.
Eric and John are gay and have never been with a woman, so they have never really had sex.
by Spydr May 17, 2009