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When two people make out it leads to getting naked and the guy shoving his penis into the girls vagina hard, fast, deep, whatever you want. This also refers to eating out, fingering, blowjobs, handjobs, etc. Also known as "making love" or "doing it". Doing this can also make babies, so use a condom.
Shane and alisson had sex all night long. He made her moaned loudly as his penis went in and out of her for hours.

Shane: Last night was great babe.
Alisson: You rocked my world.
Shane: Wanna do it again? right now?
Alisson: Yeah i do!!

A week later alisson found out she was pregnant.
by Shane and Alisson August 06, 2007
104 72
the upmost form of romantic affection between two lovers, or five dollars and some STDs.
1. My husband and I strengthened our emotional and physical bond last night while having sex.
2. I picked up dis sexy ass ho on da corner last night and we had some hot sex, but now ma dick itches.
by freshprsh0rtiie June 18, 2008
111 80
For 20 bucks a crusty ho will give you a quick BJ in the car.
A showgirl beautiful prostitute can cost upwards of thousands.

But the satisfaction of SEX in a a stable, secure
relationship and a long life will cost you everything.
"SEX ain't all it's cracked up to be (on its own)."
by Chingo Bolamongo October 11, 2006
189 160
Something thats comes up as a related word on 98% of Urban Dictionary Definitions.
DAMIIT! Why is Sex always a related word <0.o> lol
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well remember when you saw your mom and dad wrestling on their honeymoon... well yeah thats it
scared child 1:SEX!They told me they were wrestling... *sob*
scared child 2:Its okay man, it's all over now
by Colinator September 28, 2007
96 68
The main reason for marriage, birth control, and hygiene.
No sex here. Move along.
by Rihanyce May 22, 2010
49 24
Dick enters vagina......Wooohhhoo!!!
Man im having funnn
Man moves up and down, on top of lady.
My husband and I just bought our first apartment. We were sitting on the floor ( we hadn't moved in the furniture yet), eating ice cream. I looked over at him and back at the ice cream i felt the need to rub it onto his body and lick it off gently inch by inch. Quickly catching on he gave me a small smerk, as if to say " Yeah baby lets bang"!!! I reached over and grabbed his face in between my hands. We began to kiss. Licking each others lips:). He wrapped his arms around me and slid me on his lap. He then reached his hands under my shirt and unbuttoned my pants. I layed back on the floor letting him take over. I ripped off his shirt and licked up and down his chest. He took off my shirt and bra sucking on my breasts. soon we were completely naked, i made him stand up while i got on all fours. I grabbed his huge cock with both hands, shoved it in my mouth. His penis was so big i could barley fit it in my mouth. Man he got hard fast! Once he was fully hard i turned around still on all fours, he got his huge dick and shoved it inside me!i moaned with pleasure. FASTER!!! FASTER!!! HAAARRDERRR!!!!! I SCREAMED. the room quickly became filled with moans and screams of pleasure. we heard the doorbell and i got up to see who it was (still butt-naked) it was our next door neighbor. he asked to join and i agreed. he then got quickly undressed and started to eat me out. next thing i know both my husband and the neighbor were inside of me. i was so happy. best sex EVER!!!!!!!
by Linda the large;) June 20, 2009
55 31