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Quagmire's favorite hobby.
Lois: Quagmire, Peter and I are having problems.
Quagmire: All Right!
*Pushes button and bed pops out, in order to have sex*
by green_dude January 17, 2008
When a man uses his dick to fuck a girl.
One day i came home from a long day at the office. I was so tired. i took the house key out of my pocket and slid it into the lock. to my surprise, to door was not locked. i opened the door quickly, expecting to find a theif. again, to my surprise, it was my girlfriend, anne. she was sitting on the counter with her legs spread, wearing only a black thong and tight black bra. she got off the counter and started to take off my clothes. i wanted to say something, but knew it would ruin the moment. after my shirt was off, she went down on her knees and slowly unzipped my pants. my hard cock fell out of my pants, throbbing. she put her delicate lips around my dick and started sucking on it gently. she then took off my pants and threw me onto the couch, getting on top of me. i grabbed her ass and slid her thong down to her knees. her bright pink pussy was so wet, begging to take my hard cock. i turned her over and slid my dick into her, rocking my hips back and forth. she screamed and moaned as i fucked her, begging me to never stop ramming her. she came. she came so much it went all over her legs and mine and she screamed. i was so horny. after that i came, giving anna a facial.

that was the best night of sex EVER
by awesomefuckingnight August 07, 2008
"The sex was great, now I gotta masturbate"
by Rikitora March 09, 2009
Sex is Gabe Saporta. Look it up in te dictionary, and there will be a picture of him.
fan 1: omfg, last night I actually touched gabe saporta!
fan 2: he is so sexy!
fan 1: what? sexy? he IS sex.
by mine/yours February 03, 2008
When two people make out it leads to getting naked and the guy shoving his penis into the girls vagina hard, fast, deep, whatever you want. This also refers to eating out, fingering, blowjobs, handjobs, etc. Also known as "making love" or "doing it". Doing this can also make babies, so use a condom.
Shane and alisson had sex all night long. He made her moaned loudly as his penis went in and out of her for hours.

Shane: Last night was great babe.
Alisson: You rocked my world.
Shane: Wanna do it again? right now?
Alisson: Yeah i do!!

A week later alisson found out she was pregnant.
by Shane and Alisson August 06, 2007
the upmost form of romantic affection between two lovers, or five dollars and some STDs.
1. My husband and I strengthened our emotional and physical bond last night while having sex.
2. I picked up dis sexy ass ho on da corner last night and we had some hot sex, but now ma dick itches.
by freshprsh0rtiie June 18, 2008
For 20 bucks a crusty ho will give you a quick BJ in the car.
A showgirl beautiful prostitute can cost upwards of thousands.

But the satisfaction of SEX in a a stable, secure
relationship and a long life will cost you everything.
"SEX ain't all it's cracked up to be (on its own)."
by Chingo Bolamongo October 11, 2006