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Plug it in! Plug it in!

A very pleasurable experience that may cause a child, but I have a definition to prevent this child. (Remove plastic if you want to have a child).
You first take the wrappers (known as clothes)off. Then you take the plug (or penis) and you put plastic (known as a condom) over it. Now you then take the plug and put it in the outlet (known as vagina) and plug it in. You will feel emense pleasure now. Normally, the electricity (or sperm) would go from the plug to the outlet (reverse to normal plugs and outlets) but thanks to that little plastic, the sperm wil not flow.

This is known as sex. Have fun.
by supersmasher10015 March 19, 2007
Something I learned about in Catholic Schooling.
Priets like to have sex with little boys. I like to have sex with big boys. Guess, I am not a good Catholic anymore.
by katymylady May 09, 2006
What the world is addicted to.
You have sex, I have sex, she have sex, he have sex, they have sex and we are have sex. Yes. Its very sexy
by why ya reading this June 17, 2008
It's what the person who searched for the word, "sex" ISN'T getting.
"I'm not having sex, so I'm going to search for it on Urban Dictionary"
by aw? May 10, 2009
When a man's penis enters a woman's vigina.
"Ew, can you hear that!?"
"Hear what?..."
"I think I can hear my parents having sex."
"Sweet, your mom is hot."
by Andy Mac July 28, 2006
A related word to almost every other word defined on Urban Dictionary.
Man: Sex?

Woman: No.
by Dude in Your Pants December 07, 2009
Sex is like money, the more you have, the more you want. The less you have, the more you want !!!
-Hey let's have sex!
-No not tonight, I've got a headache
-Please, please please !!
by hysterik May 07, 2008