When An Erect Man Inserts His Penis Into A Woman's Vagina
I came to my apartment. "Jessie, I'm Home!"
"Good." He said. I still could not see him.
"Were are you sweetie"
"In the bedroom."
This was weird. He NEVER was in the bedroom.
I went upstairs.
"Oh my Gosh!"
There he was, sitting on the bed naked with only some very tight speedo's on. His cock was beating against the fabric just dying to get out of it.
"I know you want to, I'm already hard, i watched some porn until you came home so that i would be."
"Well I cant object to that." My voice suductive and i was very horny
"Then come and join me."
He put the porn back on. i couldnt take it, i wanted to fuck him so hard. i began to undress, slowly. He looked at me while i was unbuttoning my blouse.
"So you caught on huh?"
"Oh yes i did. Keep this on, i want you to get rock hard."
I got everything off. he was still there, watching the porn.
I pushed him onto the bed and slipped my hand into his speedos, giving him a hand job. He began to moan, then screaming with joy when i started the blowjob.
"i never knew that you were so good Christina!"
"I never knew that you had such a big cock."
It was 10 inches. He could not take it. He pushed my hed harder against him.
He was so hard. i wanted to make him wait though. I flicked the gentle tip of his cockhead with my tongue. then u got up. positioned his cock up wards and began to ride. My hormones were raging. i made him in control and flipped us over.
"HARDER.. FASTER... I KNOW THAT YOU CAN GO FASTER.... HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!" i was screaming so loud.

"You want harder, ill give you harder."
He rammed in all of his 10 inches. I gasped and almost screamed with joy. Then we began to 69 each other. he took some shots at my clit and I was stroking his dick. Then i started to massage it, fluttered his balls and more. I remembered that i had some lotion in my drawers, i opened one since it was right next to me. I began to rub his 9 Inch cock. It curved up wanting more.
"You want more?"
"Yes, plese, please." then he started to moan again. I rubbed harder and faster. his cock was so hard. Part of the reason that i did this was so that his cock would go in much faster.
Then we started to fuck each other again. this went on for about and hour or so until i had had enough. i got up and started to rub my hairless pussy on his chest. hen he stood up, pushed me down and made me deep throat him he got all of his 10 inches in there. i couldnt stop myself, i started to bite him hard
"WHAT THE FUCK, HARDER HARDER!" he was screaming with joy. i wanted to make him wait again. i took out his cock and started to suck on both of his balls. after, we fell asleep. BEST SEX EVER!
#cock #pussy #cum #clit #cockhead
by Ummm... My Defenition May 28, 2009
Sex is the middle man to love making and fucking. It is a medium to those two definitions in which a male and female body both intertwine in different positions all leading to a males penis entering a womans vagina until extasy is reached. The same out come stands for both male on male relationships also including male on female and multiple parties as well. As well as being used as a pleasure-filled act, it is also used as a stress reliever or tension reliever.

Some say sex is mearly a form of human reproduction when in reality, we are the only species who have sex sheerly for pleasure purposes. If sex is not pleserable it is not sex, it is then a waste of time.
After a hard day at work, the male comes home to a stressed out woman, in order to relieve this tension both partners have sex until happyness is reached.
by RisenRainbow March 16, 2005
something fun and sexy ;)
penis into vagina

or vagina to vagina

or dick to ass =)

known also as love making and humping.
It was a cold winter night when Tom had his girlfriend Shelia over. Things were getting steamy. Shelia was still a virgin and tonight was the night she told Tom. Tom put his hands down her pants and got her all warmed up. She took off her top exposing her large breasts. "Let's go." she said as she pushed her body on top of his. Unbuttoning his pants. She unzipped his jeans and pulled them down toward his knees. he shook them off and she rubbed her body on his for a moment before taking her bra off right in his face. Tom was hard already. "Whenever your ready." Tom said smiling. He couldn't wait to get inside her. She traced his chest with his finger until she reached his dick. she brought her mouth down to his nine inch cock and gave him a long tasteful blow job by lapping his cock and licking up the sides. he moaned then came into her mouth and she swallowed it all. he thought it was so sexy. Tom took off Shelia's thong and procceded to eat her out. She exploded and moaned. "Let's just fuck." she said as she jumped ontop of Tom. She rode his huge cock like a professional. Grinding her hips into his crotch. She moaned and humped into him more. he resisited cumming into her. she had an orgasm and they switched positions. he took her from behind this time doggy style. She moaned and took it in the back of her hot wet pussy. popping her cherry was amazing she was so tight Tom thought. "Harder!!" Shelia squealed. Tom pumped his hard cock into her she had a second orgasm. he soon came into her pussy and they laid next to eachother that night remembering the wonderful sex. they had hot sex the next morning.
#blow job #fucking #eating out #screwing #riding
by newdirector July 06, 2009
An activity we want to have. We practice with a ball and a pillow on the bed. The ball is the penis, and the pillow is the guy's chest and head. We give the ball a blowjob by sucking it and licking it rapidly. The head of the pillow sucks our boobs and pussy. It's really awesome and it feels like sex would feel like. Try it!
Last night I was in my apartment in a seethrough nightgown and the doorbell rang. I went to get it, and a really sexy guy was there who pulled me onto my bed and ripped my nightogown off. He sticked his penis into my vagina and slid back and forth. My boobs were right by his mouth and he licked them perfectly. I screamed and moaned and yelled "FASTER! HARDER! I WANT MOREEEEE!!". Then I slid down to give him a blow job, when another guy came in and asked if he could join. I said yes, and he fucked me in the ass and it felt great! (I later found out that the guy that started it was named Steve, and the guy who came in was Dave). So Dave was fucking me, and Steve was just lying there moaning, but h should do some work so I got down on the bottom, Steve got on top, and he licked my vagina right on the cilt! Oooooooh it felt good. Dave was sorta left out, so I started giving him a blowjob, and he sucked my boobs. Then Dave got off me and fucked Steve. I went around to major french kiss Dave, and Steve fondled my boobs. Then Steve got a red bra and put it on me, and then he put his penis under the bra and over the boob, and Dave did the same to the other one and fucked me like crazy awesome. I reached my hands around their bodies, and fondled their arse. There was also a lot of cum on them which I happily swallowed like always. Finally I got on top of Steve and put my boobs on his mouth and my hand on his penis like I was giving him a hand-job, and Dave put his mouth on my vagina and we all fell asleep until tomorrow night. Then it started again with more people and really hardcore and kinky sex.
#fucked #kinky #vagina #cum #blowjob
by Serenity Rae, Sally Parker January 27, 2007
Plug it in! Plug it in!

A very pleasurable experience that may cause a child, but I have a definition to prevent this child. (Remove plastic if you want to have a child).
You first take the wrappers (known as clothes)off. Then you take the plug (or penis) and you put plastic (known as a condom) over it. Now you then take the plug and put it in the outlet (known as vagina) and plug it in. You will feel emense pleasure now. Normally, the electricity (or sperm) would go from the plug to the outlet (reverse to normal plugs and outlets) but thanks to that little plastic, the sperm wil not flow.

This is known as sex. Have fun.
#fuck #fucky fucky #dick #vagina #condom
by supersmasher10015 March 19, 2007
The process of self pleasure for men and women.
Joey had loved Monica for over 10 years now, and Monica was nearing to leave the country, forever.

On Monica's last night in America, Joey confronted Monica in her apartment, to tell her his true feelings in hopes that it would convince her to stay. Surprised, Monica listened to his words, and began to tenderly kiss Joey.

Joey immediately locked the door and began to kiss Monica harder, and then began frenching her more and more, until they tripped on a pair of Monica's shoes and landed on the hard floor.

Joey began to unbutton Monica's blouse, but Monica stopped him.

"Wait..." Monica said.

Realising the truth of Joey's feelings, she stood up and walked to her bedroom, not saying a word. To Joey's surprise, she showed up a minute later, with nothing on but a lace thong.

Joey ran to her and jumped on her, as Monica went at full force, unbuttoning Joey's pants with her teeth. Monica threw his clothes on the ground and began frenching him even harder.

Joey pulled off Monica's thong and stuck his huge cock up into Monica's vagina, forcefully shoving it up and down. Monica screamed in excitement, having never been fucked this hard before.

Joey was interrupted by Monica as she grabbed his penis and began to lick it. She gave him a hand job as he smirked a devilish smile. Monica began to massage his pubic area and Joey began to suck on her nipples.

Monica could feel the cum rushing out and Joey could as well. They began to shoot cum wildly at each other, and they both licked at each single bit of it.

Once again, Joey and Monica went back to their wild sex, stroking each others parts forcefully and fighting over who was on top.


And so he did.

And for the second time, Joey and Monica reached Orgasm and cummed wildly at each other.

Exhausted, they both licked up whatever was left and jumped on top of one another, breathing heavily. With no energy left to have sex, Joey and Monica fell asleep.

And to make Joey's night even better, Monica stayed in America.
#sex #hard #blowjob #fuck #boobs
by A Guilty Man May 30, 2009
when you put the pee pee in the coochi
person: dude i saw jenny yesterday.

persons friend: what did u do??

person: i put the pee pee in the coochi

persons friend: you mean sex?

person: yeah

justin beiber: im a fag
#pussy #poon tang #niggers #niglets #jack black
by the little wigger that could August 13, 2010
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