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In biology, sex is a process of combining and mixing genetic traits, often resulting in the specialization of organisms into male and female types (or sexes). Sexual reproduction involves combining specialized cells (gametes) to form offspring that inherit traits from both parents. Gametes can be identical in form and function (known as isogametes), but in many cases an asymmetry has evolved such that two sex-specific types of gametes (heterogametes) exist: male gametes are small, motile, and optimized to transport their genetic information over a distance, while female gametes are large, non-motile and contain the nutrients necessary for the early development of the young organism.

An organism's sex is defined by the gametes it produces: males produce male gametes (spermatozoa, or sperm) while females produce female gametes (ova, or egg cells); individual organisms which produce both male and female gametes are termed hermaphroditic. Frequently, physical differences are associated with the different sexes of an organism; these sexual dimorphisms can reflect the different reproductive pressures the sexes experience.
lets have sex...... : D
by adfasdgfslgjjgerpgrei August 01, 2008
A) God got lazy and said to adam and eve;
"make your own god damn human race"
and so adam said; what the heck!
and jabbed his cock into eve.

B) Someone in evalution decided to get lucky and relieve some stress.

C) what were you expecting; some long ass sexy story? wait, why are you even looking this up?...
God- "I'm so lazyyyyyyy... make the human race for me, will ya?"

adam- sure!
eve- *nags* why do we have to do it?

and so, the woman got to have menstral cycles and a hymen as punishment for being sassy to god. THE END! :D

and remember kids, sex is only fun with a rubber! or else you will get attacked by foreign aliens! (foreign aliens exagerated. they're really something much, much nastier.)
by Callie! October 22, 2008
Megan Fox
damn. That is Sex
by Jake1238 July 07, 2009
I MUST HAVE SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Juni Cortez January 21, 2009
one day me and my boyfriend were sitting in my apartment and then we decided to have sex so i started licking his dick until he got hard and then he was sitting by himself yanking himself and i called my girlfriend and me and Jessica started picking up and then my boyfriend got hard again so i gave my boyfriend a blow job and john(my boy friend) licked jessica out then we changed places it was so hot then when jessica left john called his mate and john slid his dick in my pussy all slow like and his mate went al fast in my ass and then jessica came back and we al had so much fun!
by fuck me anal like September 21, 2008
A common activity in which persons ages of 4+ participate.
Child age 4: Yo bitch what happens if I shove my dick in ur ass?

Child #2 age 4: I fink its called bum sex?
by not me no suh January 14, 2008
The Meaning of Life.
What is Sex? See Above duh.
by Raz94 August 24, 2007
a guy and a girl having sexual intercoarse
skyler: hey u want to hav sex
j.j: ya wat time?
skyler: rite now cuz im horny n i want u so bad
j.j: ok im intering yur apartment
skyler: kk im on the bed ready n naked for u to com hav sex wit me.
j.j: nockin on ur bedroom door
skyler: come in sexy( i shout in a sexual voice)
j.j: i walk in an aproach u n a sexy way
skyler: my legs are open n ready for u to eat me up
j.j: 1st i lick ur boobs bottom to top goin slowly down
skyler: hurry up n jus lick my pussy
j.j: ok im eatin u out
skyler: uhhhhh mmmmmm lick it baby!! it feels so good!!
j.j: (after im done) i put my dik in ur pussy
skyler: k im ready u nasty boy!!
j.j: o yah baby u like that??
skyler: yah baby!!( moanin) faster!! fuck me harder uhhhh!!
j.j: (sqweling) the bed is sqeekin really fastly ma dik is so hard!!
skyler: i think u poped my cherry!! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh HUUH! DIS IS UR PUSSY BITCH!! NOW FUCK IT LYK U NEVA DID BEFORE!!
J.J: DAMN GIRL!! ur a hard bitch u like it rough!!
skyler: (da next day!!) done!!
by skyler1001 June 20, 2009